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Several measures to improve the exhaust air volume of the circular cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-23
1. Regularly add oil to the bearing to lubricate it, and observe the magnitude of the current during operation, so that its value is within the specified range; 2. We should regularly replace the gear oil in the reduction box to ensure that the reduction box can operate normally , usually once a month; 3. Adjust the angle of the fan and the blade so that the angles are consistent with each other; 4. The outlet should be blocked with anti-glue, and then wrapped with plastic tape to avoid the phenomenon of water ingress ; 5. Regularly check the insulation resistance of the motor to the ground to observe whether it has changed too much to prevent damage. 6. If the cooling equipment is installed in a place where the environment is relatively humid, the wiring should be waterproof and the terminals should be fastened. Lingyan is a Kehua cooling equipment manufacturer, as well as a cooling equipment manufacturer, specializing in the production of cooling towers and water pumps, please feel free to call if necessary.​
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