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Sites where kehua furnace cooling towers are often used

by:Kehua     2022-09-25
The application of kehua furnace cooling equipment in today's society can be described as colorful. So next, the editor will explain to you, which places are the sites where this kehua furnace cooling equipment is used.
1. In some sites that require induction heating and metal smelting equipment, kehua furnace cooling towers are often adjacent to them.
2. In order to increase the cooling effect of the circulating water of the reactors and condensers in various chemical industries, the use of kehua furnace cooling towers is often inseparable.
3. Kehua furnace cooling towers are often required in places where diesel engines, electric welding equipment, rectifier equipment, and large motors need to be run.
The three points mentioned above are the places where kehua furnace cooling towers that are common in society often visit.
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