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Small metal smelting equipment-the overall heating effect is more powerful than imagined-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-31
The application process of small metal melting equipment is smelting, quenching and diathermy. It is currently widely used in the field of cemented carbide welding and diathermy forging of parts. It can selectively perform local heating. If you are interested, follow Kehua Xiaobian. Let's find out together! Small metal smelting equipment Small metal smelting equipment // Ultrasonic smelting equipment Melting furnace Zhengzhou Huarui Electromagnetic Technology Co., Ltd. Induction heating equipment is especially suitable for: melting of small metals, such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum; hard It is widely used in the fields of alloy welding and diathermy forging; hot upsetting of high-strength bolts and nuts; diathermy forging of automobile and motorcycle parts and various industries that require diathermy forging of general parts. Small metal smelting equipment Small metal smelting equipment // Ultrasonic smelting equipment is used in smelting: smelting of small precious metals. Such as: smelting of gold, silver, copper, etc. Small metal melting equipment//Ultra audio frequency melting equipment is used for quenching: 1. Quenching of various gears, sprockets, shafts; 2. Various half shafts, leaf springs, forks, valves, rocker arms, ball studs, etc. Quenching of auto parts. 3. Quenching of various internal combustion engine parts and deceleration surface parts; 4. Quenching treatment of machine tool bed guide rails in the machine tool industry (lathes, milling machines, planers, punches, etc.). 5. Quenching of various pliers, scissors, axes, hammers and other hand tools. Small metal smelting equipment // Ultrasonic smelting equipment is used for diathermy: 1. Hot upsetting of various high-strength bolts and nuts; 2. Hot-rolled twist cobalt; 3. Diathermic forging of all parts within a diameter of 80; Small metal smelting Equipment // Ultrasonic melting equipment is used for welding 1. Welding of diamond heads, welding of carbide saw blades and welding of diamond tools, abrasive tools and drilling tools. 2. Welding of carbide tools for machining. Welding of cutting tools such as turning knives, planing knives, reamers, etc. 3. Welding of mining tools, such as 'one' drill bit, column tooth bit, dovetail coal drill bit, bolt bit, welding of various shearer picks, and various roadheader picks. 4. Welding of various tools, such as welding of various woodworking planers, milling cutters and various woodworking drills. The outstanding features of small metal smelting equipment: No overall heating is required, and local heating can be selectively carried out, so the workpiece deformation is small, the power consumption is small, the heating speed is fast, the surface oxidation and decarburization of the workpiece are relatively light, and most workpieces do not need to be processed. Gas guard. The surface hardening layer can be controlled by adjusting the operating frequency and power of the equipment as required. As a result, the martensite structure of the hardened layer is finer, and the hardness, strength and toughness are higher. The workpiece after heat treatment by induction heating has a thicker ductile area downstream of the surface hard layer, which has better compressive internal stress, which makes the workpiece have higher fatigue resistance and breaking ability. The heating equipment is easy to install on the production line, easy to realize mechanization and automation, easy to manage, can effectively reduce transportation, save manpower, and improve production efficiency. One machine is multi-purpose. It can complete quenching, annealing, tempering, normalizing, quenching and tempering and other heat treatment processes, and can also complete welding, melting, hot assembly, hot disassembly and diathermy forming. The above is the relevant introduction about small metal smelting equipment. The equipment has a fast heating speed, can control the surface hardening layer, and has good compressive internal stress. If you want to know more information, please pay more attention to the Kehua website!
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