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Solutions to Circular Cooling Tower Leakage Plugging

by:Kehua     2022-10-01
How to solve the problem of plugging the circular cooling tower? Today, the cooling equipment manufacturer will tell you the solution to the leakage problem of the circular cooling equipment: 1. Cleaning: Check and analyze the leakage situation in detail, and determine the position and spacing of the grouting holes. Clean up the area that needs to be constructed, and chisel off the precipitates on the concrete surface to ensure that the surface is clean. 2. Drilling: Use drilling tools to drill pressure relief holes around the hole. The diameter of the drill bit is 14mm, the drilling angle should not be equal to 45 degrees, the drilling depth should not be equal to 2/3 of the thickness of the structure, and the drilling should be obliquely penetrated. through the main leak hole. However, the structure should not be pierced, because the dust in the larger holes of the moving water will be washed away by itself. For slow seepage of the wall, plum blossom holes are drilled on the seepage surface respectively. Rinse the grouting hole with a washing machine until the water from the grouting hole is clear and then proceed to the next step. 3. Buried mouth: Observe the pressure of the main leakage hole. When the water flow is not urgent and the pressure is not large, the grouting water stop needle can be buried with a quick-drying plugging agent. When the structure reaches a certain strength without leakage, the other drainage holes are installed and expanded separately. The water-stop needle should be tightened with a special hexagonal plate wrench, so that there is no gap between the grouting nozzle and the drilled hole, and no water leaks. For slow seepage on the wall, the expansion water stop needles are also installed in sequence. 25CM, 10CM, and 8CM water stop needles are installed at the water leakage points according to the level dislocation, so that the grouting can be completely densely grouted from the deep layer to the surface layer. Plug all holes and crevices. 4. Grouting: Use a high-pressure grouting machine to test the pressure, which should not exceed the pressure range of the concrete structure. Pour chemical grout into the grouting hole. The single holes are successively carried out one by one. When the adjacent hole begins to grouting, keep the pressure for 3 to 5 minutes, then stop the grouting in this hole, and refill the adjacent grouting hole. After all the holes are grouted, go back to the previous grouting hole and grouting again to ensure the maximum pressure. Grout again to ensure maximum pressure. The wall grouting sequence is from bottom to top; after all the holes are filled, it is also back to the previous grouting hole to refill once. 5. Mouth removal: After 24 hours of grouting, the exposed grouting mouth can be removed or knocked off after confirming that there is no leakage. Clean up any spilled grout that has cured. 6. Reinforcement: use anti-leakage cement-based permeable crystalline compressive sealant for comprehensive sealing or rigid RG material plastering as a protective layer, and then use polymer JS waterproof coating, which will be applied three times for surface waterproofing.
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