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Square cooling tower manufacturers analyze the operation principle of square side air cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-23
The square side air cooling equipment is a device that uses the contact of water and air to dissipate waste heat generated in industry or refrigeration and air conditioning through evaporation. During operation, the air is pumped by the fan, enters from the air inlet network on the side of the tower, and comes out from the other side of the tower. Because the flow direction of the air and the spray water is vertical to each other, the principle is: the high temperature of the saturated steam partial pressure is high. The water molecules flow to the air with low pressure, and the hot and humid water is sprinkled into the tower from the water seeding system. When the water droplets are in contact with the air, on the one hand, because the air and water do not transfer heat directly, on the other hand, due to the pressure difference between the surface of the water vapor and the air, evaporation occurs under the action of the pressure, and the heat in the water is taken away, thereby to cool down.
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