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Surface quenching - what kind of treatment process is it?

by:Kehua     2022-07-17
Description: Every industrial product has its own processing technology, which can only be understood by professionals who have undergone in-depth research. Have you heard of this surface quenching? What kind of operation method will it be? ?Let the professionals from Kehua Induction Heating Equipment explain surface quenching to us today. Surface quenching Surface quenching is a surface heat treatment process that only quenches the surface of a steel workpiece. The purpose is to improve the hardness, wear resistance and fatigue strength of the workpiece surface, while the core still has high toughness. Commonly used in shafts, gears and other parts. During operation, the surface layer of the workpiece is austenitized by rapid heating, and then immediately quenched to transform the surface layer structure into martensite, and the core structure is basically unchanged. Low temperature tempering is generally carried out after surface quenching. According to different heating methods, it can be divided into induction heating surface quenching, flame heating surface quenching, electrical contact heating surface quenching, electrolyte heating surface quenching, etc. The first two methods are the most widely used. Quenching parts All kinds of surface quenching adopts rapid heating, basically there is no heat preservation stage, and the surface reaches the predetermined temperature and is sprayed for cooling. Therefore, when austenite is formed, the degree of superheat is large, the primary grains are fine, and the austenite composition is uneven. If the heating and spray cooling parameters are suitable, it can be quenched in this fine-grained state, which is what correct surface quenching can do; but if the heating time is too long and the temperature rise is too high, the surface layer will be in a state of overheating. The above is the source of the difference between the surface quenched layer and the general quenched structure and properties. Surface quenching Structure Before spray cooling, the temperature gradually decreases from the surface to the center, which can be roughly divided into three regions, namely, the area above Ac3, the area between Ac1 and Ac3, and the area below Ac1. The microstructures after quenching are: 1—fine needle-like martensite (M), 2—martensite plus ferrite (M+F), 3—original structure (pearlite plus ferrite (P+F). The distribution of microstructure and hardness along the depth direction of 45 steel after induction quenching is shown in Figure 3. Zone 1 near the surface is a fine-grained martensite zone; in zone 2, the amount of martensite sharply changes from outside to inside At the junction of zones 2-3, the amount of untransformed pearlite increases sharply and transitions to the original structure. Generally, quenching is higher than 2-4HRC, and this strengthening effect is quite significant. In addition to the above-mentioned organizational factors, the high efficiency of thin-layer spray cooling and the residual compressive stress of the surface layer after quenching are also important factors that lead to the increase in hardness. The surface residual compressive stress is also an important factor. The existence of it can also greatly improve the fatigue resistance of the parts. The content of the article about surface quenching was popularized here by the professional partners of Kehua Induction Heating Equipment. Do you think that this surface quenching is actually unimaginable? So hard to understand.
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