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Teach you how to improve the energy saving and consumption reduction efficiency of cooling tower fans-【Lingyan Electromechanical】Industrial Cooling Tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-23
​ The core equipment of the circulating water system is the cooling equipment fan. In terms of the management of the circulating water equipment, the cooling equipment fan occupies a large proportion in terms of the number of equipment, maintenance workload, and power consumption. The number of sampling duct cable fans accounts for 57% of the total workshop equipment, maintenance hours account for 60% of the total, and power consumption accounts for 22% of the total. Then, how to ensure the long-term operation of the equipment in the case of energy saving, consumption reduction and labor reduction, the following small series of cooling towers will briefly introduce you. Specific measures: 1. The counter-flow cooling tower with air intake on both sides should be equipped with a middle windshield baffle, the upper edge of the baffle is 200-300mm from the bottom of the packing support beam, and the lower edge extends below the water surface of the tower's sump. 2. The cross-flow cooling equipment should be equipped with measures to prevent short-circuit circulation of air from the bottom of the packing to the water surface. 3. The height of the cross-flow cooling tower from the top of the packing to the lower edge of the suction section of the fan should be controlled to be equal to or greater than 0.2 times the diameter of the fan. 4. The height of the airflow constriction section between the top surface of the counter-flow cooling tower packing and the inlet of the air duct should meet the following requirements: 1) When the top cover of the tower is flat, the top angle of the airflow constriction section calculated from the top of the packing should be Less than 90°; when there is a diversion ring (umbrella) under the flat top cover, the top angle of the airflow contraction section from the top surface of the water collector can be 90° to 110°. 2) When the top cover plate of the tower is of the shrinking type above the water collector, the top angle of the cover plate in the shrinking section should be 90°~110°. 5. The water filling of the cross-flow cooling tower should have a shrinking inclination towards the vertical central axis of the tower from the top to the bottom. The shrinkage inclination angle of the drip-type water-spraying filler should be 9°~11°; the shrinkage angle of the film-type water-spraying filler should be 5°~6°.​
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