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Technical parameters and advantages of circular cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-29
The cooling equipment is the carrier of the heat dissipation of the central air conditioner, which absorbs heat from a system and discharges it into the atmosphere to reduce the water temperature. Next, the cooling tower manufacturer will take a look at the technical parameters and advantages of the circular cooling tower. 1. Technical parameters 1. The noise is the standard measurement value, which is far from the diameter of the tower wall and 1.5 meters high from the foundation. 2. The standard design conditions are wet bulb 28 degrees Celsius, inlet water temperature 37 degrees Celsius, and outlet water 32 degrees Celsius, that is, when the water temperature drops by 5 degrees Celsius. 3. The inlet water pressure is 1Kgf/cm2=9.8*104Pa, so the water pressure of this series of towers is between 0.2~0.49Kgf/cm2. Second, the advantages 1, stable operation, durable, easy to assemble. 2. The water collection capacity is large, and it is equipped with manual and automatic water replenishment devices, sewage and overflow pipes, and there is no need to design a separate pool. 3. Low cost, light weight, small wind resistance and good stability. 4. The tower body has good stability and strength, and can withstand earthquake cracks 8 and 12 typhoons.
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