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Tell you what is a brazing machine and what are its uses?

by:Kehua     2022-08-02
What is a brazing machine, some companies don't know much about this product, and the products produced by their own companies may not be needed, then let Kehua explain to some entrepreneurs what is a brazing machine? It What are the advantages? There are many heating equipment, different heating methods are used for different equipment, and different heating methods also have different characteristics. What we are introducing today is induction heating equipment. Compared with general heating equipment, this heating equipment adopts the induction heating method. What are the advantages of this heating method? Let us find out together. What is a brazing machine? The brazing machine adopts the IGBT inverter control principle. When welding, the flame is very stable. The whole equipment is light and convenient, suitable for outdoor welding. The operation of the welding machine is simple, and only those who know a little about the welding machine do not need special training. This product does not require flammable and explosive gases such as acetylene, and the safety performance is greatly improved. What is a brazing machine The following editor will tell you about the characteristics of the brazing machine 1. High safety factor: no flammable and explosive gas is required, which ensures the safety of life and property 2. Energy saving and environmental protection, no carbon monoxide is generated during the welding process, Carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, because of the use of electricity, compared with acetylene, gasoline, oxygen, LPG and other gases, the cost is greatly reduced, saving at least thousands of dollars per month. 3. High efficiency and low cost: The traditional brazing welding temperature is low, the heat radiation is high, the welding cost is high, and there is a danger of explosion. The flame temperature of the plasma brazing machine can be adjusted, the welding temperature can reach more than 2000 degrees, and the stability is high, which is more than twice the welding speed of acetylene. Twelve hours of continuous welding. 4. Easy to carry: Because the whole host is only a few kilograms in weight and small in size, it does not need acetylene cylinders or oxygen cylinders, so it is very suitable for outdoor or harsh environment work. Of course, different heating equipment is also aimed at the heating of different products. For example, our high-frequency induction equipment and medium-frequency induction heating equipment have different applicable products. We can choose these heating equipment according to our actual situation, so as to achieve better effect. What are the factors that affect brazing when brazing by a brazing machine? 1. The composition of the brazing filler metal and the base metal (if the filler metal and the base metal do not have physical and chemical interactions in the solid state and liquid state, the difference between them will be 2. The brazing temperature (the increase of brazing heating temperature will improve the wettability of the brazing filler metal to the base metal due to the decrease of the surface tension of the brazing filler metal, but the brazing temperature cannot be too high, Otherwise, it will cause defects such as loss of solder and grain growth); 3. Oxide on the surface of the base metal (if there is oxide on the surface of the base metal, the liquid solder tends to condense into a spherical shape and does not wet with the base metal, so , The oxide must be fully removed before brazing to ensure good wetting); 4. The surface roughness of the base metal (when the interaction between the brazing filler metal and the base metal is weak, the rough grooves on the surface of the base metal play a special role. 5. Flux (the use of flux during brazing can remove oxides on the surface of the solder and the base metal and improve the wetting effect, borax can be used ). The above content is what Kehua told you about brazing machine. If the products produced by the company need to buy brazing machines, they should choose big brands to buy them.
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