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Temperature control skills of electric heating furnace for heat treatment

by:Kehua     2022-07-28
When it comes to steel processing, high-temperature equipment is used in many places, such as heat treatment electric furnaces, or other equipment. The function of these equipment is to make some steels preheated to achieve the effect of deformation and setting, so as to make various steels very well. Products, then, what are the functions of the heat treatment electric furnace? Heat treatment electric furnace Heat treatment furnace has the following characteristics: (1) Kehua heat treatment furnace has a large temperature range. The main purpose is to obtain austenitic steel with good plasticity, and its temperature range is 900-1200 °C; due to different process requirements, the high temperature of heat treatment can reach 1300 °C, and the low temperature is only about 100 °C. With such a large temperature difference, the furnace structure is also very different. A furnace with a furnace temperature higher than 650°C is called a high temperature heat treatment furnace. The heat transfer is mainly by radiation, supplemented by convection; a furnace temperature below 650°C is called a low temperature heat treatment furnace, and the heat transfer mainly relies on convection. Heat treatment requires uniform furnace temperature to avoid excessive local temperature, so the furnace and combustion chamber of the heat treatment furnace are sometimes separated. (2) The furnace temperature control of the heat treatment furnace is relatively strict. Heating before pressure processing, the metal temperature fluctuates by 10 to 20 degrees, generally has little effect on the quality. However, whether the heat treatment furnace can guarantee the temperature required by the heat treatment process has a great influence on the quality of the product, and generally it does not exceed 3~10℃. The temperature distribution on the section of the object to be heated should be as uniform as possible, and the temperature difference should not exceed 5 to 15 °C. In terms of controlling the furnace temperature, the electric furnace is superior. In order to achieve the purpose of accurate temperature control, it is best to evenly arrange the flameless burners and flat flame burners with low power, which is convenient for segmented control. At the same time, the arrangement of the burner or the electric heating body and the structure of the furnace should be conducive to the circulation of the furnace gas, so that the temperature in the furnace tends to be uniform, and a fan can be used in the furnace for this purpose. (3) The heat treatment furnace should minimize the oxidation and decarburization of metals. For the heat treatment of steel, oxidation and decarburization of the surface are not allowed, and the surface should be kept clean. Heat treatment furnaces often need to be sealed in order to control the composition of the furnace gas and sometimes to maintain a certain atmosphere in the furnace chamber. For example, bright annealing of cold-worked steel is mostly carried out in a protective gas medium or in a vacuum, so muffle covers and radiant tubes are widely used in heat treatment furnaces. When the workpiece or steel is subjected to chemical heat treatment, such as carburizing, nitriding, cyanidation, etc., it must be heated in an active medium with a certain composition, and a muffle furnace or bath furnace must be used. (4) The productivity and thermal efficiency of the heat treatment furnace are low. During heat treatment, in order to make the temperature on the metal section uniform and the crystalline structure to be completely transformed, it is necessary to make the metal stay in the furnace for a long time. No matter what kind of heat treatment, the material has one or several soaking or In the heat preservation stage, the cooling process is also often carried out in the furnace. The heat treatment of some varieties even requires multiple heating, heat preservation and cooling. Many heat treatment furnaces operate periodically. For the above reasons, the productivity and thermal efficiency of the heat treatment furnace is much lower than that of the rolling and forging heating furnace. Heat treatment method of heat treatment electric heating furnace header box electric heating heat treatment furnace: Kehua invention discloses a heat treatment method of header electric heating heat treatment furnace, including the following heat treatment methods: A), the workpiece enters the furnace, and the workpiece enters the furnace temperature ≤ 400 ℃; B ), heating up in the furnace, the heating rate is ≤200℃/h, until the temperature reaches 620℃±15℃; C), keep the temperature in the furnace, keep the temperature in the furnace at 620℃±15℃, the holding time is 20min; D), the furnace Internal cooling, the cooling speed is ≤200℃/h, and the cooling method is air cooling in the furnace; E), the workpiece is released from the furnace, the temperature in the furnace is ≤400℃, and the workpiece is released from the furnace. The invention has the advantages of reasonable process, good heat storage effect, safety and reliability, stable and accurate temperature control, improved production efficiency, reduced manufacturing cost, and good economic and social benefits for popularization and application. There are many functions of heat treatment electric furnace, and there are many models of heat treatment electric furnace, according to various production processes, and production requirements to purchase equipment, and to produce related products.
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