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The 18th China International Industrial Furnace and Thermal Technology Exhibition in 2020

The 18th China International Industrial Furnace and Thermal Technology Exhibition in 2020



Industrial Furnace Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society


The 18th China International Industrial Furnace and Thermal Technology Exhibition

The 18th China International Industrial Furnace and Thermal Technology Exhibition in 2020

Weifang Kehua Electric Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Exhibition time: August 18-20, 2020

Exhibition address: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao)

Company Profile

Weifang Kehua Electric Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

   Founded in 2006, the company is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province, the world's kite capital, covering a total area of 8,000 square meters. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacturing of induction heating equipment. Professional production: KGPS series intermediate frequency power supply, IGBT series intermediate frequency power supply, GTR series intermediate frequency induction heating furnace, GW series intermediate frequency induction melting furnace, intermediate frequency induction hardening furnace, intermediate frequency quenching and tempering production line and other equipment. The equipment is widely used in forging, casting, heat treatment, mechanical thermal processing, powder metallurgy and other fields.

Since its establishment, through cooperation with domestic scientific research institutions, universities and colleges, it has formed a proprietary technical advantage in the field of induction heating. There are more than 100 employees, including 23 senior engineers and professional technicians.

Equipment product introduction

1. Series resonance intermediate frequency power supply

1.1 The energy-saving intermediate frequency power supply of Kehua electric furnace series resonance adopts a series inverter, and its grid-side power factor has nothing to do with the output power. Regardless of the output power, the power factor is always greater than 0.98.

1.2 Kehua electric furnace series inverter power supply has good rectified output waveform and low harmonic current, so that the harmonics are always kept at a low level. So as to improve the power grid environment and reduce production costs for users, it provides a strong hardware guarantee.

1.3 The power output adopts constant control. During the melting process, when the load and temperature change, the load is always full power output, thereby shortening the melting time.


2. Steel shell furnace body

2.1 The material of our company's steel shell furnace body yoke silicon steel sheet is Baosteel's high-quality new silicon steel sheet, and the induction coil manufacturing process adopts the extrusion process, which guarantees the dual energy-saving effect of the yoke and the induction coil to the greatest extent.

2.2 The tilting of the furnace body is controlled by the hydraulic system, which is realized by the lifting of two hydraulic cylinders on both sides of the furnace body. The resetting of the furnace body is realized by the pressure generated by the furnace body's own weight.

2.3 The induction coil is made of T2 (purity of 99.9% electrolytic copper) and an extruded rectangular copper tube with a wall thickness of ≥5mm, which is wound on a special mold. It not only ensures the rigidity of the coil, but also has the largest conductive cross section.


3. Fully enclosed water cooling tower

Main unit: The main unit of the cooling tower is mainly composed of a shell, a stainless steel cooler, an exhaust system, a spray system, a dehydrator, a water collection tank, etc.

Shell: The shell of the cooling tower is made of aluminum-plated zinc sheet with a thickness of 2mm. Its corrosion resistance is comparable to that of stainless steel. The appearance is beautiful and elegant. It is cut, folded and punched by CNC machine tools and assembled without welding.

Cooler: The cooler is a key component of the cooling tower. The cooling medium is passed through the inside, and the outside is air-cooled and water sprayed to meet the cooling requirements; the cooler is made of international standard 304 stainless steel pipe to ensure its cooling effect; The connection between the tube and the elbow is welded by homogeneous welding rod, with few solder joints and good quality. The thickness of the elbow is 2mm, and the wall of the corrugated tube is 1mm thick. The service life is 2-3 times that of the deacidified copper tube radiator. Limescale is easy to clean.

Exhaust system: The exhaust system is a way of airflow through the air inlet below the main engine compartment and the upper fan outlet to discharge the saturated hot and humid air in the main engine compartment of the cooling tower continuously and stably. It is composed of inlet grille, fan and protective cover; the fan adopts aluminum shell three-proof fan to increase the service life.

Company participation activities and customer site

1. 2018 Beijing International Convention and Exhibition Center Exhibition

 2. The 17th China Shanghai International Industrial Furnace and Thermal Technology Exhibition in 2019

 3. 2020 7th Shandong (Weifang) Equipment Manufacturing Expo

 4. Customer training and exchange meeting organized every year

 5. Fujian customers organized a delegation to the company to inspect and order

6. Customer installation and use site

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