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The advantages of high frequency quenching and the current type of high frequency welding machine

by:Kehua     2022-07-16
This problem may also be due to the relatively low insulation resistance of the furnace body or a short circuit, we need to use a megohmmeter to detect the resistance of the furnace and sweep out the short circuit points in the furnace. Then, due to the low resistance of the steel and the induction coil, overcurrent maintenance is present, a megohmmeter must be used to detect the resistance of the furnace relative to the induction coil, and if the resistance is too low, the furnace needs to be built from the beginning. The high-frequency quenching machine has a deeper depth, higher hardness and better wear resistance than the laser quenching layer. The disadvantage of this technology is that the roughness of the workpiece surface is damaged to a certain extent, and a follow-up high-frequency heating machine is usually required. In order to reduce the surface roughness of the parts after laser melting treatment and reduce the amount of subsequent processing, the quenching machine produces a special laser melting and quenching coating, which can greatly reduce the surface roughness of the fusion layer. Now the metallurgical work rolls, guide rails and other workpieces of various materials are processed by laser melting, the surface roughness is now close to the level of laser quenching, and high-frequency quenching machine tools have been successfully used in metallurgical work, machining and petrochemical. , In particular, the service life of wearing parts such as advancing rollers, guide rails, gears, cutting edges, etc., has a remarkable effect, and has achieved huge economic and social benefits. It is also more and more widely used in molds and gears. Surface strengthening of parts, etc. What do the symbols in the high-frequency welding machine model mean? The solder type usually consists of two parts: the first part uses capital letters to indicate the type of needle, such as S (the first capital letter of British silicone) for solder, B for English brazing The first capital letter indicates hard, the second part consists of the chemical element symbol of the main alloy, the first chemical element symbol indicates the basic composition of the solder, the other chemical element symbols are arranged in the order of mass fraction, when several elements have the same When the mass fraction, the gold melting furnaces are arranged according to their atomic numbers. When welding a high-frequency welding machine, what are the general requirements for the solder? The solder should generally meet the following requirements: a suitable melting temperature range, usually the melting temperature range of the high-frequency welding machine is lower than the melting temperature range of the base metal, and it has good lubrication. Wet properties and spreading properties at brazing temperatures are sufficient to fill the gaps between brazed joints, physical and chemical interactions with the base metal should ensure a strong bond between them, the composition is stable, in brazing The temperature minimizes the combustion or volatilization of elements, with little or no rare or precious metals, and meets the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of brazed joints. Kehua Induction Heating Equipment is a non-standard customized high-frequency induction heating machine manufacturer that produces high-frequency heating machines, high-frequency quenching equipment, high-frequency brazing machines, and medium-frequency melting furnaces. I want to know more about high-frequency heating machines, high-frequency For details of quenching equipment, high frequency brazing machine, and intermediate frequency Induction melting furnace, please contact us.
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