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The air distribution of the circular cooling tower affects the heat dissipation

by:Kehua     2022-09-30
For the circular cooling equipment, have you noticed that if you don't do a good job in its air distribution, then there will be problems next. This problem is a relatively serious heat dissipation situation, so what exactly is the heat dissipation? The cooling tower manufacturer will analyze it in detail. 1. Whether the current of the fan motor is between 85% and 90%. Under the premise of uniform water distribution, if the fan load is insufficient, the air volume will be insufficient, and the heat dissipation will be poor. This is very likely to happen. Note: For a cooling equipment in normal operation, adjusting the fan point of view to adjust the operating current from 90% to about 3% improvement in its thermal performance, but it will cause the risk of motor overload. This is not recommended if the functionality differs significantly. 2. Short flow of wind: The cross-flow tower needs to check whether the water level of the cold water pool is too low to form a short flow of wind. For the countercurrent tower, it is necessary to check that there is no short flow of wind formed by the air chamber partition when the single chamber is running. The short-flow wind does not participate in heat dissipation, so the heat dissipation of the circular cooling tower will be poor. 3. Test whether the air volume reaches the planned value. If it is not reached, it means that the fan selection and resistance do not match.​
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