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The effect of water quality on cooling towers

by:Kehua     2022-09-21
Poor water quality has many influences on the formation of cooling towers. Whether we use a closed cooling tower or an open cooling tower, the water must be continuously circulated, and the impurities in the water will be circulated to various replacements, pumps, fillers, condensers, spray systems, etc. Circulation lines, etc. will be affected. 1. Scale: whether it is an open cooling equipment or a despised cooling tower, the scale will occur. The scale of the open cooling tower is mainly concentrated on the filler, and the scale of the closed cooling tower is mainly concentrated on the outer wall of the condenser. will adhere to the inner wall of the cooling tower. 2. Damage to the packing: The scale that occurs is generally attached to the surface of the packing. The weight of the scale is relatively large, and the packing will be torn and ruptured for a long time, which affects the normal use. It must be replaced when necessary. 3. Heat dissipation: Scale adheres to the surface of the condenser and to the surface of the condenser, which will affect the heat dissipation effect and ventilation effect. 4. Sprinkler head: The primary effect of the sprinkler head is to atomize the spray water and spray evenly. Oil impurities will definitely block the sprinkler head, resulting in uneven spraying in the space, forming part of dry spots, or part of the filler drying. This high heat condition can cause the cooling equipment to catch fire. 5. Water pump: If there is sludge in the water pump, it is generally sucked into the water pump, which will cause the blockage of the water pump. Causes problems such as insufficient circulating water, heat generation, and weak power. Lingyan is a square cooling tower manufacturer, Kehua cooling tower manufacturer and cooling tower manufacturer, specializing in the production of cooling towers and cooling water pumps. If you have any questions, we will do our best to provide you with high-quality services.​
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