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The installation and usage of crucible heating furnace is shared so that you can learn to install

by:Kehua     2022-08-02
Crucible heating furnace is very common in life, but after buying it, many friends are not very clear about how to install and use the crucible heating furnace. Then follow us to get familiar with it and let you learn to install the crucible heating furnace. Crucible Heating Furnace 1. Heating furnace Kehua pointed out that in the metallurgical industry, a heating furnace is a device (industrial furnace) that heats materials or workpieces (usually metals) to a rolling temperature. Heating furnaces are used in many industries such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, heat treatment, surface treatment, building materials, electronics, materials, light industry, daily chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. 2. Crucible Kehua believes that the crucible is an important part of chemical instruments. It is a container for melting and refining metal liquids, as well as solid-liquid heating and reaction, and is the basis for ensuring the smooth progress of chemical reactions. There are many types and specifications of crucibles, and they are not limited by production scale, batch size and variety of smelting substances in application. 1. Put it in a dry place after use, and avoid rainwater intrusion; it must be slowly baked to 500 degrees Celsius before use. 2. The material should be added according to the capacity of the crucible, and it should not be squeezed too tightly, so as to avoid the thermal expansion of the metal and the cracking of the crucible. 3. When taking out the molten metal, it is best to scoop it out with a spoon, and use calipers as little as possible. If you use calipers and other tools, it should be consistent with the shape of the crucible to avoid excessive local force and shorten the service life. 4. The service life of the crucible is related to the usage. It should be avoided that the strong oxidizing flame is directly sprayed on the crucible, which will make the raw material of the crucible oxidize for a short life. The raw materials for the production of crucibles can be summarized into three types. One is crystalline natural graphite, the other is plastic refractory clay, and the third is calcined hard kaolin skeleton clinker. Since 2008, high temperature resistant synthetic materials, such as silicon carbide, alumina emery and ferrosilicon, have been used as the skeleton clinker of the crucible. This kind of clinker has a significant effect on improving the quality of crucible products and enhancing the density and mechanical strength of the crucible. Crucible Heating Furnace 3. Installation and use of crucible heating furnace 1. This series of electric furnaces does not need special installation, and can be placed on a flat indoor floor or a workbench. However, the matching controller should avoid vibration of the crucible heating furnace, and the placement position should not be too close to the electric furnace to prevent overheating and affect the normal operation of the control part. 2. Insert the thermocouple through the double hole, and fill the gap between the double hole and the thermocouple with asbestos rope to prevent heat loss. 3. Open the shell of the temperature controller, and connect the power cord, the electric furnace line, the thermocouple and the safety switch line according to the standard. Since the controller and the electric furnace neutral line are shared, the phase line and the neutral line cannot be reversed. Pay attention to the connection of the thermocouple' +''-' must not be connected to the crucible heating furnace in reverse, otherwise the meter will not indicate. The installation and use of crucible heating furnaces have been summarized above for all of you. Did you get any inspiration? In short, I hope you can recognize the importance of crucible heating furnaces.
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