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The kehua furnace cooling tower that appears in the thermal power station

by:Kehua     2022-10-02
Thermal power plants, also known as thermal power plants, are used for heating + power generation, and our cooling towers are indispensable in thermal power plants. Today, I will tell you what types of equipment in the kehua furnace cooling equipment will appear in the thermal power station.
1. The scientific name of the cooling tower with white smoke is hyperbolic natural ventilation cooling equipment. The white smoke it emits is mainly condensed water mist, which is not polluted except that it may freeze in winter.
2. The chimney with the smoke tower in one, the white smoke coming out of it is not only the water mist but also the flue gas after the boiler burns.
3. The mechanical cooling equipment is used in the back pressure generator set of the chemical system, which occupies a small area in the power consumption, but requires a fan for ventilation and cooling.
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