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The main characteristics of high-frequency annealing of copper tubes and which one is the best introduction-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-20
With the continuous development of production technology, our production machines are also constantly developing. High-frequency annealing equipment is a new type of equipment. It has very good performance. Features and which one is a good introduction. High-frequency annealing of copper tubes 1. Main features of high-frequency annealing . 2. The heating position can be freely controlled, and it will not generate too much heat for the position that does not need heating, which meets the heat treatment requirements of special workpieces (such as: gear, sprocket tooth surface quenching, local heat treatment of bars.) 3. Energy saving, Compared with the original tube high-frequency machine, gas stove, electric stove, etc., it can save three-quarters of energy. 4. The operation is simple, and you can learn it immediately. There is no open flame, no high temperature, and no high voltage during work (the working voltage of the induction coil is 36V), which has good safety. 5. The high-frequency annealing machine is small in size, light in weight, does not occupy too much production space, and can move the working position at any time to facilitate production needs. Second, which is good for high-frequency annealing of copper tubes Guangzhou Kehua Technology Co., Ltd. aims to 'produce energy-saving and environmentally friendly induction heating equipment to save money for usersIn January, we have developed and manufactured a full range of high-frequency induction heating equipment: medium-frequency Induction melting furnace, ultra-sonic heating machine, ultra-high-frequency heating equipment and supporting medium-frequency diathermy forging furnace, CNC quenching machine tool, chiller and related supporting equipment, It is widely used in the metal processing industry, such as metal preheating, high frequency welding (brazing), diathermy forming, quenching, annealing, thermal fusion and other processes. All products can be customized according to customer process requirements. 3. Application of high frequency annealing machine 1. Welding of diamond tools, carbide tools and welding between other metals. 2. Quenching, annealing, quenching and tempering, tempering and other heat treatment of metal materials. 3. The metal is diathermy and thermoformed before hot forging. 4. Powder metallurgy, sintering of ceramic materials. 5. Quenching heat treatment of gears, sprockets, piston pins, etc. 6. Motor rotor hot assembly, bearing hot disassembly, etc. 7. Melting heat treatment of gold, silver, copper and stainless steel. 8. Quenching and tempering heat treatment of gears, sucker rods and piston rods. 9. Thermoforming of bars, bolts and nuts, standard parts and fasteners. 10. Annealing heat treatment of wire, iron wire, saw blade and steel bar. High-frequency annealing of copper tubes The main characteristics of high-frequency annealing of copper tubes and which one is the best introduction must have been well understood by everyone. Now the Kehua manufacturer is the best manufacturer of this kind of equipment in the market. Interested friends can learn about it. .
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