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The main reason for the noise of high temperature cooling tower-【Lingyan Electromechanical】Industrial Cooling Tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-16
​1. Noise generated by the fan: The fan is the main noise source of the mechanical ventilation type high temperature cooling equipment. The noise is aerodynamic noise, including turbulent noise and rotation noise. The sound intensity of turbulent noise is proportional to the sixth power of the relative velocity of the airflow, and is also related to the shape of the blade, etc., and has continuous spectral characteristics. Rotational noise is produced by the pulsation formed when the blades rotate. It is related to the number of blades, gas flow, static pressure, etc., and its frequency spectrum is low and medium frequency characteristics. 2. Water splashing noise: The water splashing noise is caused by the impact of the water in the lower tower chassis when the water spraying device of the high-temperature cooling equipment falls into water. The noise level is related to the falling water height and the water flow per unit time, generally second only to Fan noise and high frequency characteristics. The water drop noise of high temperature cooling tower is usually the second component of the noise of high temperature cooling tower than the fan. When the fan noise is reduced, the water spray noise is dominant. Depending on the type and size of the high temperature cooling tower, sometimes the noise of the fan is even louder, generally depending on the height of the tower, the amount of water and the spacing between the high temperature cooling tower fillers. 3. Noise of reducer and high-temperature cooling tower motor: The noise of the reducer is mainly the noise generated by the meshing of the gears. Generally, if the machining accuracy is high, the noise is not large. The noise of the reducer has a great influence on the total noise of the cooling tower. small. In addition, the base of the reducer can be made of anti-vibration material to isolate possible noise. 4. Noise generated by the water pump: The industrial high-temperature cooling tower is often equipped with a circulating water pump near the tower, and its noise is also very large compared with other sound sources. In addition, the drive of the water pump is generally driven by an electric motor or a steam turbine, which is also a strong noise source. The water pump is placed near the high-temperature cooling equipment for circulating cooling water, and it often resonates with the water pipe to emit high-frequency tuneable noise. If the noise intensity is large, it needs to be dealt with together. 5. Parts noise: This kind of noise has no effect on the environment in actual use. It only occurs when the water volume of the pipe is insufficient or the valve is not properly throttled, resulting in harsh turbulence. Due to the high pressure of the steam turbine Steam piping leaks and produces high-level noise, which can generally be solved by adjusting the operating conditions.
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