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The outer panel of large water heating equipment adopts the form of quick disassembly and assembly

by:Kehua     2022-08-02
The large-scale water heating equipment adopts electrostatic spray plastic shell, which is very beautiful in appearance. The heating method is to replace coal with electricity. The equipment generally raises the temperature rapidly first, and then conducts the heat preservation operation. If you are interested, please follow the editor of Kehua. Let's learn together! Large-scale heating equipment Large-scale heating equipment, water circulation heater adopts electrostatic spraying shell, Europeanized design, beautiful appearance, outer panel adopts quick disassembly form, easy to use and operation components, control in equipment operation and operation Most of electrical appliances, instruments and other equipment can be replaced by computer control and electronic components. 'Various plastic processing mold temperature table' gives the mold temperature required for the processing of some main raw materials, which determines the power consumption and performance of the heat transfer oil heater. An important parameter The equipment is equipped with a new type of electronic heating, which saves investment by replacing coal with electricity. The controller is based on the temperature of the thermal fluid measured by the temperature sensor or the internal temperature of the temperature control equipment. The pump in the power transmission makes the thermal fluid from the built-in heater and cooling Different raw materials have different properties and they have different processing characteristics. They have advanced and complete control and monitoring devices. Drying oven high temperature oil circulation temperature control equipment, rubber vulcanized oil circulation heating, extruder heating temperature control In these productions, the oil temperature provided by the mold temperature machine is generally the first rapid temperature, and then the heat preservation. The heating speed is fast, the heat transfer efficiency is high, and it is not easy to scale. The water pump hits the water into the pressure plate pipeline to form a cycle. Large-scale water heating equipment Good features of large-scale heating equipment: 1. Return medium temperature indicator 2. Degree cooling function 3. Automatic energy discharge at startup 4. Water circulation heater heating power switching function 5. Hot water BY-P pressure relief circuit 6. Instantaneous Cooling shutdown function (optional) 7. Anti-carbon black isolated electrical control box 8. Multi-point temperature control unit can be customized 9. Yuanxin pump, Yuanli, Grundfos, Nanfang pump horsepower and heating power can be customized 10. Large-scale heating equipment, water circulation heaters use British WEST, French Schneider, ABB, LG large-scale water heating equipment The above is the relevant introduction to large-scale water heating equipment. This mechanical equipment has the advantages of fast heating speed and high heat transfer efficiency. I would like to know more For more information, please pay more attention to the Kehua website!
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