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The products of Xi'an intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers are now selling well all over the country-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-17
Have you ever heard of Xi'an intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers? Our products are currently very popular all over the country. In addition to domestic sales, they are also exported to Japan and other countries in Singapore. If you are interested, please follow Kehua Xiaobian to learn about it! Xi'an Intermediate Frequency Electric Furnace Equipment Manufacturing Xi'an Intermediate Frequency Electric Furnace Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an early high-tech enterprise engaged in the design, development, manufacture, sales and service of complete sets of intermediate frequency induction melting, heating, vacuum melting and sintering and heat treatment equipment and special equipment for electrolytic aluminum industry. . The company's products are now selling well all over the country, and have been sold to China FAW, Dongfeng Motor, Nanjing Automobile, Chongqing Heavy Duty Truck Group, Shaanxi Automobile Group, Henan Shenhuo Group, Anyang Iron and Steel Group, Wuhan Iron and Steel Wuhan Metallurgy, Longxi Co., Ltd., Shuguang Co., Ltd., Changzhou Guangyang, Lanzhou Aluminium, Western Mining, Hunan Chuangyuan, Sichuan Petroleum, Henan North Hongyang, Chongqing Construction and many other domestic large and medium-sized enterprises have provided sophisticated key equipment matching, complete sets of equipment are also exported to Japan, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Indonesia , Singapore, Iran, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, North Korea and other countries. Registered Trademark: Xi'an Electric Furnace Main products include: Intermediate frequency power supply series: KGPS series thyristor intermediate frequency power supply, IGBT ultra-audio all-solid-state high-frequency power supply. Intermediate frequency induction furnace series: Induction melting furnace, holding furnace, rapid Induction melting furnace, resistance furnace, intermediate frequency furnace auxiliary equipment, intermediate frequency furnace accessories, furnace lining materials, etc. Medium frequency induction penetration (adding) heating furnace series: adding (penetrating) heating furnace, brazing, quenching, annealing, tempering, sintering, etc. Xi'an intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers Equipment transformation Intermediate frequency induction equipment services: technical consultation, equipment transformation, upgrades, maintenance, etc. Xi'an Intermediate Frequency Electric Furnace Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a complete range of products, exquisite workmanship, quality assurance, product capacity from 5KG-20 tons, power supply from 10-10000KW, frequency 50-8000HZ. The excellent intermediate frequency induction equipment developed and developed has been widely used in smelting, casting, forging, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, weapon industry, automobile manufacturing, petroleum steel pipes (petroleum drill pipe, drill collar heat treatment, pipe end thickening, heating, wear resistance With welding preheating, elbow heating, oil (gas) pipeline anti-corrosion spraying heating), railway, chemical and other industries. Xi'an Medium Frequency Electric Furnace Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a group of outstanding technical backbones with rich experience in the design and manufacture of electric heating equipment and high-quality talents in management, sales and service in the field of medium frequency induction electric heating. The company always wins customers and guarantees customer satisfaction with advanced design, meticulous manufacturing and high-quality service. Design and manufacturing are the prerequisites for quality assurance. We have a complete quality assurance system, the ability to independently develop, design, and manufacture complete sets of equipment, and constantly upgrade, innovate, and always maintain a leading edge in craftsmanship and technology. Various non-standard design, manufacturing and debugging can be carried out according to customer requirements to ensure the quality and excellent quality of the complete set of equipment. The medium frequency induction heating equipment won the Golden Arrow Excellence Award at the National Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Exhibition in April 1999. In November 2000, the intermediate frequency power supply obtained the national key new product certificate. In March 2004, the company passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification. At present, Xi'an Intermediate Frequency Electric Furnace Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has steadily enhanced its development and innovation capabilities, increased its output value year after year, and developed rapidly. Coupled with the company's leading business philosophy and management mechanism, we have achieved rapid development in the field of electric heating equipment manufacturing, and also in the industry. Enjoy a high reputation and credibility. The company has always followed the corporate philosophy of 'professionalism, integrity, innovation, enterprising, pursuit of the best quality and service', and pursues win-win and common development with customers. The above is the relevant introduction of Xi'an intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers. The types of our company are not only The products are complete and the quality is guaranteed. The products produced are certified by the international quality management system. 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