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The reasons for the reduction of the working efficiency of the circular cooling tower in Dongguan

by:Kehua     2022-09-17
Kehua circular cooling towers often appear in the daily use process due to various reasons, which cause the cooling effect of Kehua circular cooling towers to be greatly reduced. For these reasons, many people cannot find specific reasons at all, even if they find professional maintenance personnel in many There is no specific reason at all, so this is an economic waste. In order to avoid economic waste, the cooling tower manufacturer will introduce the reasons for the reduced working efficiency of Kehua circular cooling towers. The Kehua circular cooling tower relies on the cooling liquid to work. During the long-term use of the cooling liquid, the precipitation of some calcified substances often occurs. The accumulation of these precipitates for a long time will seriously affect the normal operation of the Kehua circular cooling tower. This is the reason why most Kehua circular cooling towers work inefficiently during daily use. Therefore, if the work efficiency is reduced in the future, it is necessary to first check whether the work efficiency is low due to too much sediment. In the process of daily use, we recommend that the Kehua circular cooling equipment should be cleaned frequently to avoid the Kehua circular cooling tower not working properly due to long-term non-cleaning. Kehua Circular At the same time, we should also check the Kehua Circular frequently during the daily operation to ensure the normal use of the Kehua Circular .
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