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The steel pipe heat treatment equipment is really good, friends can understand

by:Kehua     2022-07-24
In recent years, steel pipe heat treatment equipment has attracted a lot of attention. This kind of equipment is still very common in life. Many friends want to know similar knowledge, hurry up and follow us. This kind of equipment is widely used in daily life, and Kehua is trustworthy. Steel Tube Heat Treatment Equipment Small: you can choose a pit furnace, large: you can choose a continuous furnace, requiring small deformation: you can choose an induction furnace, the situation is different, the plan is different. Generally, it is better to use a continuous furnace for heat treatment of steel pipes; trolley furnaces are relatively good for spheroidization of bearing steel, because the spheroidization is actually long. However, the uniformity of temperature should be considered in the trolley furnace, which can be considered from the smoke exhaust method and heating method, as well as the circulation of furnace gas! Some steel pipes need to be cooled quickly after normalizing, and they need to be cooled uniformly to achieve the required crystallinity. grain. There are many forms of steel pipe heat treatment furnaces, and the specific selection is based on the product positioning to determine the form of heat treatment furnaces. At present, there are still many people who choose induction heating. Because the overall equipment occupies a small space, the induction heating equipment is an ideal choice for heat treatment of steel pipes. This heating equipment is suitable for various types of steel pipes. The key is that the quality has been well controlled. . The steel pipe is heat treated by the medium frequency power heating method, and the whole heat treatment production line can realize automatic control. Good performance, rich detection, self-diagnosis, alarm functions and multiple safety protection devices. The steel pipe heat treatment furnace is mainly used for workpiece heating, and the heating temperature is between 200-1300. Heating before forging: applied to the heating process before forging of gears, ring gears, half shaft connecting rods, bearings, shackles, rigging and other products. On-line heating: pipeline anti-corrosion spraying, bar basket brittle blanking, steel (wire) pipe on-line quenching and tempering process. Local heating: U-bolt bending, drum hot assembly, steel pipe bending and other production heating processes. After reading Xiaobian's explanation of steel pipe heat treatment equipment, do you already have some understanding of steel pipe heat treatment equipment? I hope that what Xiaobian said will be helpful to everyone. This kind of equipment Kehua can really bring a lot to life. convenient.
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