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The terminal equipment for heating the quenched workpiece with a special inductor for quenching

by:Kehua     2022-07-18
Have you ever heard of a special inductor for quenching? This is a terminal device used to heat quenched workpieces. It is mainly composed of a contact plate, a cooling water box and a contact plate fastening bolt. Let's make a small editor together to understand it! Quenching inductor Quenching inductor is a terminal device that uses the principle of induction heating to heat quenched workpieces. According to the different heating frequency, it is divided into intermediate frequency quenching inductor and high frequency quenching inductor. Special inductor for quenching Composition A standard quenching inductor consists of the following parts: 1. Contact plate: also known as busbar, its front end is connected with the secondary coil of the quenching transformer, and the rear end is welded with the effective ring. There are two symmetrical contact plates, so that the current forms a loop, and there are insulating plates made of mica plates between the two contact plates. 2. Cooling water box: One cooling water box is welded to each contact plate to cool the contact plate. 3. Contact plate fastening bolts: The two contact plates and the insulating plate between them need to be fastened with two bolts. The bolts are generally made of brass rods. When using, bakelite washers and bakelite sleeves should be added to insulate the bolts from the contact plates. . If the temperature rise of the contact plate is not high, the fastening bolts can be made of nylon. 4. Positioning ring pressing plate: It is made of laminated bakelite, which is used to clamp the positioning ring to insulate it from the sensor body. 5. Positioning ring: used for axial positioning and radial limit of quenched parts. The hexagonal cap on the upper end of the part is pressed on the positioning ring during operation to ensure the accurate axial distribution of the quenching area of u200bu200bthe part. 6. Pressure plate fastening bolts: used to fasten the pressure plate and the upper flange of the sensor to ensure the accurate position of the positioning ring. 7. Flange: Made of red copper plate, welded with effective ring and water jacket to form a quenching water cavity, and can be attached to the upper and lower positioning fixtures. 8. Effective circle: A magnetic field can be formed, and the conductor that is directly used to heat the workpiece is called an effective circle or an effective conductor. If the effective conductor is a copper tube, it can also be called an effective wire. It is firmly welded to the contact plate. 9. Quenching water pipe: its full name should be the quenching water introduction pipe, through which the quenching water enters the quenching water cavity, and the quenching water pipe and the water jacket are welded together. 10. Quenching water hole: When the part is heated to the quenching temperature, the quenching water enters the quenching water cavity through the quenching water pipe, and then sprays out from the quenching water hole to quench the part. 11. Inductor positioning hole: drilled on the end face of the contact plate. When the inductor is installed, the fixing bolts of the secondary coil of the quenching transformer will protrude from the fixing hole, and the nuts should be tightened to ensure that the contact plate and the secondary coil of the transformer are in good contact. 12. Cooling water pipe: welded on the cooling water box, one in and one out. 13. Limit plate: radially limit the lower end of the part. Quenching special inductor The above is the relevant introduction about the quenching special inductor. The flange of the equipment is made of red copper plate, which can easily form a quenching water cavity. If you want to know more information, please pay more attention to the Kehua Induction Heating Equipment website!
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