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The usual maintenance work of circular cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-29
The Kehua circular cooling equipment is an important part of the central air conditioner. If we can maintain the Kehua circular cooling tower in peacetime, it will greatly increase the service life of the equipment. In order to prevent the Kehua circular cooling tower from malfunctioning and reducing its service life, the following Kehua cooling tower manufacturers will introduce the usual maintenance work of the Kehua circular cooling tower: 1. Maintenance work before starting up: use the glass fiber reinforced plastic circular cooling tower in normal times If so, check it out before you start it. Its main purpose is to know if it has gone wrong. If the machine itself is faulty, then you must not insist on using it. Because using a faulty machine, not only will it not have good results, but more importantly, it will also cause damage to the machine. So everyone must pay attention to this aspect. 2. Maintenance work during operation: If the FRP circular cooling equipment is already in operation and you do not know whether there will be any failures during its operation, it is recommended that you arrange for a professional to guard it. 3. Maintenance after shutdown: Even if the equipment has been shut down and the FRP circular cooling tower is no longer used, it still needs maintenance. Maintenance work during this time period is mainly focused on cleaning, and you should clean it with extra care.
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