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There are three major knowledge points for purchasing cooling towers

by:Kehua     2022-09-17
1. The cooling equipment shell should be made of high-quality resin, glass fiber, stabilizer and other materials, and it is required to reach a certain thickness (the thickness of the gel coat layer is not less than 0.3mm), with high hardness and toughness, and good bending strength (not less than 250Mpa), good surface gloss. 2. The metal frame should be a high-quality rigid material, and the anti-corrosion treatment technology is in place, with excellent bearing capacity and anti-corrosion capacity. 3. The filler should be made of excellent P.V.C/P.P material with strong anti-ultraviolet and chemical corrosion resistance, and the corrugated imagination is superstitious to reach the surface.​ Our Kehua cooling equipment manufacturer has been selling Kehua round cooling towers and square cooling towers, with complete models, excellent performance and low prices. If necessary, please call at any time.
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