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Thermal annealing is getting more and more attention

by:Kehua     2022-07-28
Thermal annealing is a very important method for making mechanical parts in the industry. Many large factories pay great attention to it. After all, it is a place where products are produced under high temperature. Safety accidents should be paid attention to. If you are interested, then follow Xiaobian join hands with Kehua to learn more information. Thermal Annealing Thermal Annealing The thermal annealing process provides a method for processing a substrate, the method comprising: providing a substrate having a surface; providing a copolymer composition comprising: poly(styrene) -b-poly(siloxane) block copolymer component, wherein the number-average molecular weight of the poly(styrene)-b-poly(siloxane) block copolymer component is 5 to 1,000 kg/mol; Oxidizing agent, wherein the copolymer composition comprises > 2wt% antioxidant, based on the weight of the block copolymer component; applying a film of the copolymer composition described above to the surface of the substrate; optionally, baking the film described above; by at 240 to Annealing the film by heating the film at 35°C for 1 second to 4 hours under a gas atmosphere containing > 20wt% O siloxane) blocks are converted to SiOx. Thermal annealing, as an emerging lithography technology, has attracted more and more attention in the application of directed self-assembly: in the past two years, Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymer (DSA) lithography has been used as a An emerging lithography technology is attracting more and more attention. The principle is very different from the several techniques described before. It is achieved by using block copolymers to form nanostructures by phase separation under conditions such as thermal annealing or solvent annealing, and using the formed nanostructures as templates to etch the substrate. A graphical technique. I hope the introduction of this article can give you some understanding of thermal annealing. Although this method may not be of much use to ordinary people, friends who work in this area must know. If you want to know more, then pay attention to, Kehua.
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