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Titanium alloy melting furnace provides product performance

by:Kehua     2022-07-20
Titanium alloy melting furnaces are useful in many industrial places, and the excellent properties of titanium alloys can provide necessary help for the processing of many materials, and also provide new ideas for the development of some research, come on! Let the editor join hands Kehua shares relevant information to everyone, hoping it will be useful to everyone. Titanium alloy melting furnace Titanium alloy Induction melting furnace With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the application of titanium in industrial production, aerospace, national defense and military industry and daily life is more and more, so that titanium and titanium alloy materials and The performance requirements are getting higher and higher, and the smelting of titanium alloy raw materials is undoubtedly the most important and critical part. The quality of its smelting directly affects whether the performance indicators of the subsequent processed finished products meet the product requirements, thus promoting the modernization of titanium alloys. The development of melting technology, including the development of new technologies such as electron beam and plasma cooling bed furnace, has created good conditions and foundations for improving the metallurgical quality and mechanical properties of titanium alloy ingots, so a good titanium alloy melting furnace is in this It also plays an essential role in the process. Titanium alloy smelting furnace Titanium alloy smelting method With the development of vacuum technology and the application of computer, VAR method has quickly become a mature industrial production technology of titanium, and most of today's titanium and its alloy ingots are produced by this method. The salient features of the VAR method are low power consumption, high melting rate and good quality reproducibility. The ingots smelted by the VAR method have good crystallographic structure and uniform chemical composition. Usually, finished ingots should be produced by VAR melting. At least two remeltings are required. The production of titanium ingots by the VAR method is basically similar to the processes used by manufacturers all over the world. The difference lies in the use of different electrode preparation methods and equipment. Electrode preparation can be divided into three categories. One is the use of batch-feeding and continuous pressing. The electrode welding process is excluded: the second is to press a single piece of electrode and tailor it to form a consumable electrode. And through plasma argon arc welding or vacuum welding into one; the third is to use other smelting methods to prepare cast electrodes. Although the price of titanium alloy Induction melting furnace may be a little expensive, it may be indispensable for the material you produce, and titanium is a very stable metal. If you want to know more, then pay attention to Kehua.
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