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Treatment method of circular cooling tower packing fouling

by:Kehua     2022-10-01
When the Kehua circular cooling equipment packing is blocked by the attached dirt, it will seriously affect the cooling effect of the Kehua circular cooling equipment. Everyone will definitely think that as long as a packing pack is replaced, the Kehua circular cooling tower can regain its effect. In fact, It is neither economical nor necessary to replace all packing with new ones. Today, Kehua cooling tower manufacturers will analyze the treatment method of Kehua circular cooling tower packing fouling: A Kehua circular cooling tower packing is about 1,300 square meters, about 30 tons, calculated by 10,000 yuan / ton, It costs about 300,000 yuan to fill only one item, plus all other replacement materials for the Kehua circular cooling tower, and it costs at least 400,000 yuan to replace all the fillings of a hyperbolic cooling tower. In addition, under normal circumstances, the fouling of the lower layer of the Kehua circular cooling tower packing is more serious, while the fouling of the upper layer is not so serious. The material of the filler is polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride, which has similar properties to FRP, unless it is damaged by man, it will not be damaged, and most of them can be cleaned by chemical methods. Therefore, replacing the full replacement packing is not a rational choice.
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