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Want to know where to sell copper melting furnaces in Foshan?

by:Kehua     2022-07-19
Copper melting furnaces are widely used in some special work industries. Such copper melting furnaces have high working efficiency and occupy a very small area. The most important thing is that they are very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Let Kehua show us where to sell melting furnaces in Foshan. Copper stove. Where to sell copper melting furnace in Foshan One, copper Induction melting furnace copper melting furnace, medium frequency electric furnace copper melting furnace, power supply power is 80~2500KW, main use: melting of copper metal materials, melting volume 0.05T-5T, high efficiency, with electromagnetic stirring It can make the metal smelt evenly without adding other stirring processes. Second, where to sell copper melting furnaces Guangzhou Kehua Technology Co., Ltd. aims to 'produce energy-saving and environmentally friendly induction heating equipment to save money for usersThe full range of high-frequency induction heating equipment that has been developed and manufactured include: intermediate frequency melting furnace, super audio frequency heating machine, ultra high frequency heating equipment and supporting medium frequency diathermy forging furnace, CNC quenching machine tool, chiller and related supporting equipment, which are widely used in In the metal processing industry, such as metal preheating, high frequency welding (brazing), diathermy forming, quenching, annealing, heat shrinking and other processes, all products can be customized according to customer's process requirements. Third, the copper melting furnaces required in the gas industrial furnace market are generally based on their process requirements (for raw materials and product quality), usually copper and brass or copper alloys as raw materials, and copper rods are commonly used in products after copper melting. Copper ingots, copper bars, electronic products, etc. At present, the copper Induction melting furnace fueled by natural gas (or liquefied petroleum gas) is more economical and environmentally friendly. The general structure of this type of copper Induction melting furnace is that the outer shell is welded by ordinary steel and 20G. The interior is a refractory layer and a thermal insulation layer, and the corresponding design can refer to the 'Industrial Furnace Design Manual'. There are burner holes on the furnace body, and suitable industrial burners are installed. There are also fans, gas pressure regulators, etc. Common natural gas-fueled copper melting furnaces include cupola shaft furnaces, tilting furnaces (or converters), reverberatory furnaces, etc., which are mainly used to produce copper rods. Of course, the quality requirements for raw materials are also very high. Generally, factories that use a small amount of copper or factories that do not have high requirements for the quality of copper products can use small copper melting converters. At present, there are common converters with melting capacity of 300KG/H, 500KG/H and 1T/H. Features: 1. The small converter is easy to install and operate, and you can learn it immediately. Others, such as shaft furnaces and tilting furnaces, are cumbersome to install and require a large amount of work. Generally, there will be pre-job training. 2. Small converters are small in size, occupy less floor space, and are easy to transport. Shaft furnaces are large in size and occupy a large area. They are generally assembled on site and transported in sections. 3. Using natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas as fuel, the cost is low. Energy saving and environmental protection. 4. Generally, the product quality can be well controlled, and it is very suitable for some manufacturers with high product quality requirements. Where to sell copper melting furnaces in Foshan Kehua introduced us to the question of where to sell copper melting furnaces in Foshan. Now let’s take a look at the quality of copper melting furnaces sold on the market.
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