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Waste of electrical energy in operation and required industry equipment

by:Kehua     2022-07-17
Improper selection of high-frequency quenching equipment or process, use constitutes unnecessary waste in the process, select the frequency, power and example of high-frequency quenching equipment, the power supply should meet the short heating cycle, the heat conduction consumption of the rope scale is less, high The example of frequency quenching equipment should choose high-frequency transformation, and accessories should also be considered. High-frequency heating machine For example, the power conversion efficiency of solid-state power supply is higher than that of high-frequency power supply of tubes. In abnormal cases, the power supply of transistors in solid-state power supplies is more efficient than thyristor power supplies, and IGBT or MOSFET power supplies can be preferred. If a CNC quenching machine tool is to be used, with high load factor and time, multi-axis and multi-station heating can be used at the same time, and multi-axis and multi-station structure are preferred. More energy efficient than scan hardening. There is also a strong correlation between sensor effectiveness and planning, with good sensors being more than 80 percent effective and bad drug devices being 30 percent effective. The high frequency feel of the heater uses a large current to flow to the heating feel wire circle, the circle is wound to the outer state into a ring or the desired shape, the feeling is that it is controlled by a copper hollow, the metal treatment that requires heat is placed in the high frequency coil, the magnetic beam will pass through all heated metal objects. The interior of the object being heated is felt and the high frequency machine feels the same deviation of the heating current and strong eddy currents that are absolutely necessary for ignition occur, because resistance is felt in the metal being heated, so intense Joule heat energy is generated that heats the object The temperature of the induction heating equipment increases rapidly, thereby achieving the target treatment of heat. High-frequency welding machine is one of many high-frequency welding equipment. It has its unique advantages. Let's talk about its application and how helpful it is to everyone. High-frequency welding machine is a kind of equipment for induction heating workpiece for surface hardening, the workpiece is placed in an inductor, the inductor is usually a hollow copper tube, input IF or high-frequency AC, and the alternating magnetic field generates an induced current of the same frequency in the workpiece , and the induced current is unevenly distributed in the workpiece. Induction heating application process Different processing conditions For different production conditions, one-piece small batch production requires greater flexibility, choose a cavity furnace as much as possible, large and medium-sized forgings should use a trolley furnace, and large and medium-sized forgings are mass-produced A type of rotary hearth should use a furnace gold Induction melting furnace, and the choice of furnace type must also consider the type of fuel, the quality and size of the heated billet, economic conditions and labor conditions. IGBTs and MOSFETs are usually used, IGBTs are used for higher power applications, MOSFETs are used for higher frequency applications, and IGBTs can be used in foreign countries to achieve induction power of more than 1000kW, with frequencies over 50kHz, MOSFETs are more suitable for high frequency applications, usually used for several kilowatts For small and medium power applications, the frequency can reach more than 500kHz, or even several megahertz. Not every welding equipment can be used for the same industry and the same welding project, but if the machine itself is damaged in the wrong place, the corresponding machine must be used in its specific industry, and a suitable machine should be recommended for the industry.
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