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Ways to reduce noise in circular cooling towers

by:Kehua     2022-09-28
As an industrial operating equipment, the Kehua circular cooling equipment will inevitably generate noise during operation, but the advantage is that this noise can be controlled. The cooling tower manufacturer will introduce the way to reduce the noise. 1. Reasonable layout Reasonable layout is to realize functional division and separate dynamic and static. Cooling towers should be placed in areas with lower noise requirements, such as production areas or activity areas, due to the high noise source. Avoid being too close to noise-sensitive buildings such as offices, dormitories, and residential areas, which will affect the work of employees and residents. 2. Foundation vibration reduction is mainly to isolate the vibration of equipment to reduce the impact of equipment vibration on the structure. 3. Sound insulation Under the condition that the air exchange coefficient is satisfied, the outer side of the cooling equipment is equipped with a sound insulation facility cooling tower cover. Under normal circumstances, the sound insulation measures can achieve the effect of 156%. 4. Control the propagation path When the sound wave encounters an obstacle, phenomena such as reflection and diffraction will occur, which reduces the sound wave energy received by the external sound receiver. You can use natural bunkers, or set up sound insulation barriers, green belts, etc. to reduce the impact of noise.
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