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Welded steel pipe technology and basic concepts

by:Kehua     2022-07-28
The development of foreign solid-state high-frequency welding machines has a history of more than ten years. Due to the high degree of domestic industrialization and good equipment matching, the technical level of the whole machine, especially the high frequency, large capacity, matching and intelligent control of the whole machine is still strong. Compared with domestic equipment, in the high frequency (above 100kHz) frequency band, foreign countries are currently switching from traditional power supplies to transistorized all-solid-state power supplies. In the transition stage, modular and large-capacity MOSFET power devices are mainly used. Spain adopts MOSFET current mode induction heating power supply, the manufacturing level reaches 600kW/400kHz, the German current mode MOSFET developed in 1989 has the level of induction heating power supply, 480kW/50~200kHz high frequency heating machine, Belgium current mode MOSFET, Induction heating power levels up to 1000kW/15-600kHz, another power device for high frequency power supply is the electrostatic induction transistor (SIT), mainly based in Japan. In the late 1980s, with power levels reaching 1000kW/200kHz, 1000kW/400kHz, SIT switching speed was slower than MOSFET, and it had large conduction losses, as MOSFET and IGBT performance continued to improve, SIT would lose its value. Some domestic units adopt a new generation of solid-state power supply and have a welding parameter database. As long as the welding speed and product specifications are input, the induction heating equipment can automatically set and generate other parameters in one button, which is controlled during operation. If it is not under the control of the database Within the range, it will send out certain information and make manual corrections. At present, the domestic MOSFET solid-state high-frequency power supply manufacturing level is 600 kW/500 kHz. High-frequency welding machine introduces the basic concept of hydraulic transmission system, working principle 0xbc5, system composition and graphic symbols, the development status, level and development trend of hydraulic transmission technology at home and abroad, as well as the characteristics and application of hydraulic transmission technology Transmission, hydraulic transmission uses liquid As a working medium, and use the pressure of the working medium to transmit power. The hydraulic transmission system of the high-frequency brazing machine consists of five parts: power components, actuators, control components, auxiliary components and working medium. The direction of high integration of high-frequency welding machine and high-frequency welding machine is developed, and computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided testing (CAT), computer direct control (CDC), high-frequency welding machine integration technology, reliability technology, etc. are also hydraulic control. The main research content and development direction of the technology. Hydraulic fluid mechanics uses liquid as the working medium to transmit energy and motion. It mainly introduces the performance of hydraulic working medium - hydraulic oil, the requirements and selection methods of hydraulic oil hydraulic system, and focuses on the basic equations of statics and the important equations of dynamics. It has laid a solid theoretical foundation for the analysis, design and application of the subsequent hydraulic system and parts working process, and dynamic calculation. Guangzhou Youzao is a non-standard customized high-frequency induction heating machine manufacturer that produces high-frequency heating machines, high-frequency quenching equipment, high-frequency brazing machines, and medium-frequency melting furnaces. I want to know more about high-frequency heating machines, high-frequency For details of quenching equipment, high frequency brazing machine, and intermediate frequency melting furnace, please contact us.
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