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What are the accessories of intermediate frequency furnace? What are the advantages of an intermediate frequency furnace? -Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-08-05
Some industrial industries and laboratories have high requirements for temperature. At this time, the intermediate frequency furnace has a great role. So do you know what are the accessories of the intermediate frequency furnace? What are the advantages of the intermediate frequency furnace? Kehua will introduce the intermediate frequency furnace in detail for you, come and see it together. Intermediate frequency furnace accessories Introduction to intermediate frequency furnace The working frequency of the intermediate frequency induction furnace (hereinafter referred to as the intermediate frequency furnace) is between 50 and 10 Hz, and it is widely used in the smelting of non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Compared with other casting equipment, the medium frequency induction furnace has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, short smelting time, less burning loss of alloy elements, wide smelting material, less environmental pollution, and can accurately control the temperature and composition of molten metal. This eddy current also has some properties of intermediate frequency current, that is, the free electrons of the metal itself flow in the metal body with resistance to generate heat. A three-phase bridge type fully-controlled rectifier circuit is used to rectify alternating current into direct current. For example, a metal cylinder is placed in an induction coil with alternating intermediate frequency current. The metal cylinder is not in direct contact with the induction coil, and the temperature of the energized coil itself is very high. Low, but the surface of the cylinder is heated to the point of redness and even melting, and the speed of this redness and melting can be achieved only by adjusting the frequency and the strength of the current. If the cylinder is placed in the center of the coil, the temperature around the cylinder will be the same, and the heating and melting of the cylinder will not produce harmful gases or pollute the environment with strong light. What are the parts of the intermediate frequency furnace? The intermediate frequency furnace mainly includes two parts, one is the power supply part, which contains 1 control circuit chip, that is, the main board, and 2 three-phase power rectification (6 thyristors rectify the power supply to 500V Direct current), 3 inverter parts (4 or 8 thyristors convert the direct current into an intermediate frequency voltage with a frequency of about 1000HZ) 4 output through the electric heating capacitor. The second is the furnace body; it consists of a furnace body shell and an induction coil. The advantages of the intermediate frequency furnace 1. The heating is uniform and the temperature control accuracy is high. The heating is uniform to ensure that the temperature difference between the core surface of the heated workpiece is small, and the temperature can be precisely controlled by the temperature control system to ensure the repeatability of the product. Intermediate frequency furnace accessories 2. Low energy consumption, high efficiency of pollution-free heating, compared with other heating methods, it can effectively reduce energy consumption, high labor productivity, no pollution, and equipment meets environmental protection requirements. 3. The replacement of the induction furnace body is simple. According to the size of the workpiece, different specifications of the induction furnace body need to be configured. Each furnace body is designed with water and electricity quick-change joints, which makes the furnace body replacement simple, fast and convenient. 5. Complete equipment protection. The whole machine is equipped with water temperature, water pressure, phase loss, overvoltage, overcurrent, voltage limiting/current limiting, startup overcurrent, constant current and buffer startup, so that the equipment starts smoothly, the protection is reliable and fast, and the operation is stable. . 6. The heating speed is fast and the oxidation decarburization is less. The principle of induction heating in the intermediate frequency furnace is electromagnetic induction, and the heat is generated by the workpiece itself. This heating method has fast heating speed, little oxidation, high heating efficiency, and good process repeatability. Metal The surface is only slightly discolored, and a slight polishing can restore the surface to a mirror-like brightness, thereby effectively obtaining constant and consistent material properties. The above is a detailed introduction to the accessories of the intermediate frequency furnace. Do you know about the intermediate frequency furnace? Here Kehua will provide you with high-quality service and high-quality products, which is a good choice. Hope to be able to help you.
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