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What are the advantages and disadvantages of a small electric furnace for heat treatment? What precautions should be taken during use?

by:Kehua     2022-07-28
When it comes to small electric stoves, everyone should be familiar with them. Many people should have used them. Now there are more and more small electric stove brands in the market. Learn about the introduction of the relevant information about the heat treatment small electric furnace. Heat treatment small electric furnace 1. Electric furnace. Electric furnace is a heating furnace that converts the electric energy in the furnace into heat to heat the workpiece. Electric furnaces can be divided into resistance furnaces, induction furnaces, electric arc furnaces, plasma furnaces, electron beam furnaces, etc. Compared with fuel furnaces, the advantages of electric furnaces are: easy to control the atmosphere in the furnace; fast heating of materials; high heating temperature; easy temperature control; easier mechanization and automation of the production process; good labor hygiene conditions; high thermal efficiency; good product quality, and Being more environmentally friendly is conducive to alleviating increasingly serious environmental problems. Second, the advantages and disadvantages of small electric furnace for heat treatment. The advantage is that it is easy to get high temperature compared to the fuel furnace. It can be heated from the inside of the material. Easy to use in controlled atmosphere furnaces and vacuum furnaces. The electric furnace has no heat loss from the exhaust gas of the fuel furnace, so the thermal efficiency is high. Easy to control the temperature, easy to remote control, fine adjustment. Fast heating is possible. Good operation performance, no pollution to the environment. The disadvantage is that the cost of power distribution equipment needs to be increased, the cost of electricity is high, and when the resistance heating temperature exceeds 1000 ° C, the refractory material may conduct electricity, and it is necessary to pay attention to the insulation problem. Heat treatment small electric furnace 3. Precautions for use. In order to protect and prolong the use time of the electric furnace, the following matters must be paid attention to: Regularly check whether the connection of the electric furnace and the joints of the controller is good. Electric furnaces and controllers must work in places where the relative humidity does not exceed 85%, and there is no conductive dust, explosive gases and corrosive gases that can destroy metal insulation and electronic components. The working environment temperature of the controller (as shown on the right) is limited to 0-50℃. When using the electric furnace and the controller, the rated power should not be exceeded, and the furnace temperature should not exceed the maximum operating temperature. It is forbidden to put wet workpieces into the furnace. The heated workpieces containing ultra-high moisture should be pre-dried. Keep the inside of the furnace clean, remove metal oxides, slag and impurities in the furnace in time, and be careful when loading and unloading workpieces. The above information is what Kehua's editor brought you to know about the small electric furnace for heat treatment. We must do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment during the use of any product, otherwise the best product will be easily damaged.
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