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What are the advantages of circular cooling tower motors

by:Kehua     2022-09-30
The following Kehua cooling equipment manufacturers briefly introduce the advantages of the Kehua circular cooling tower motor: 1. No noise: The energy conversion of the water turbine is completed in the water channel, and the motor and reducer are cancelled, eliminating low-frequency electromagnetic sound and large Reduced mechanical noise. 2. High efficiency: The turbine shaft directly drives the fan without passing through other reducers, etc., and the air volume changes correspondingly with the change of the water flow, which is always stable at a better air-water ratio to ensure the heat dissipation effect. 3. Energy saving: The Kehua circular cooling equipment uses a water turbine to replace the fan blade motor, which completely saves the operating power consumption of the fan blade motor, and does not increase the running current of the circulating water pump, saving a huge amount of electricity for users. 4. Long service life: The hydraulic turbine has a simple structure, mature and feasible technology, and the overall designed working life is more than 15 years. The turbine casing is a mixed structure of casting and welding, and the welded steel plate is a special steel plate imported for boilers with a manganese content of 3.5%, which is not easy to corrode after long-term use.
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