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What are the advantages of high frequency brazing machine? How is the process

by:Kehua     2022-07-21
Speaking of brazing machines, many friends are not familiar with them. So, what is the brazing process of high-frequency brazing machines? What are the welding methods? What are the process methods? What are the advantages of high-frequency brazing machines, with With these questions, the editor of the Kehua website will tell you about it. Advantages of high-frequency brazing machine What are the brazing process of high-frequency brazing machine? When the workpiece and the solder are heated to a temperature slightly higher than the melting point of the solder, the solder melts (the workpiece is not melted), and is sucked by capillary action and fills the gap between the solid workpieces, and the liquid solder and the workpiece metal diffuse and dissolve with each other. , After the heating is stopped, put the workpiece into quicklime or thermal insulation sand for heat preservation (simple tempering of the weld) for a period of time, and then take it out to form a brazed joint. What is the heating method of welding? The main heating methods include soldering iron heating, flame heating, resistance heating, induction heating, immersion heating and furnace heating. What are the brazing process methods? There are many commonly used process methods, which are mainly distinguished by the equipment used and the working principle. For example, according to the heat source, there are infrared, electron beam, laser, plasma, glow discharge brazing, etc.; according to the working process, there are contact reaction brazing and diffusion brazing. Contact reaction brazing is to use the reaction between the solder and the base metal to generate a liquid phase to fill the joint gap. Diffusion brazing is to increase the heat preservation and diffusion time, so that the weld and the base metal are fully homogenized, so as to obtain a joint with the same performance as the base metal. Almost all heating heat sources can be used as brazing heat sources, and brazing is classified accordingly. Advantages of high frequency brazing machine What are the advantages of high frequency brazing machine 1. Energy saving and environmental protection 2. High welding efficiency 3. High welding quality: the welding surface is flat and the welding quality is consistent, which improves the overall quality of the welded products. 4. Simple and easy to operate, you can learn in a few seconds 5. The welding cost is low, about 1/4 of the traditional oxidation welding. Seeing this, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the advantages of high-frequency brazing machines. If you like this article, you can share it with your friends, and those who are interested can also pay attention to the Kehua website.
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