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What are the advantages of high frequency induction heating machine? How to Make a High Frequency Induction Heating Coil

by:Kehua     2022-07-23
Among the more commonly used heating machines, high-frequency induction heating machines are relatively advanced equipment and have been widely used. Next, Kehua will show you the advantages of high-frequency induction heating machines and how to make high-frequency induction heating coils? What are the advantages of high-frequency induction heating coils? Any temperature required, including its melting point; 2) It is not necessary to first generate high temperature and then heat the metal object heated by it, as other heating methods, can directly generate high temperature in the metal; 3) Not only can the metal object as a whole be Heating can also selectively heat each part locally; 4) It is a revolution in heating methods. It is also electric heating, but it can save 40% of electricity than electric furnaces and electric ovens: this is high The powerful advantages of frequency machine and intermediate frequency machine. High frequency induction heating coil How to make high frequency induction heating coil 1. Observe the size and shape of the workpiece to be heated. Determine the number of turns of the induction coil according to the heating temperature. If it exceeds 700°C, a double-turn or multi-turn structure should be adopted. Adjust the gap of the induction coil: the gap between the small workpiece and the induction coil should be controlled at 1-3mm; the gap between the larger workpiece and the induction coil is adjusted as follows: when the power adjustment and rotation have been adjusted to the maximum, the current only reaches the maximum but the heating speed Very slow, at this time, the gap between the workpiece and the induction coil should be reduced or the number of turns of the induction coil should be increased. 2. The induction coil should be made of red copper tube with a diameter of 8mm or more and a wall thickness of 1mm. If the round copper tube with a diameter of more than 8mm is preferably processed into a square copper tube, the induction coil should be bent; the copper tube should be annealed first, and then Knock one end flat and pour it into fine sand or lead liquid; 3. According to the shape of the designed induction coil, gradually and completely knock it into shape, it is best to use a wooden hammer when knocking, and the corners should be knocked slowly, not too hard; , beat the induction coil with a copper tube to shake out the fine sand, and the lead liquid should heat the induction coil until the lead melts, then pour out all the lead liquid, and check whether the induction coil is ventilated; Kehua believes that for the induction coil with a multi-turn structure In order to prevent short circuit between turns, high temperature-resistant insulating materials (such as glass fiber conduits, glass fiber tapes, and refractory cement) should be covered, and the surface oxide layer should be polished clean at the electrical contact parts connected to the machine. In the high-frequency induction heating machine, the coil is an important accessory that cannot be missing. According to the above method, you can make a high-frequency induction heating coil by yourself.
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