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What are the advantages of intermediate frequency induction heating 50kw-intermediate frequency heating furnace? Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-08-06
In the modern industry, many chemical manufacturers produce 50kw medium frequency induction heating equipment, but the quality and price are different, making it difficult for customers to choose. Today, please Kehua to introduce us the relevant content of medium frequency induction heating 50kw. Intermediate frequency induction heating 50kw Electromagnetic heater 50KW Electromagnetic induction heating controller 50KW Electromagnetic induction heating controller The company promises to save electricity by more than 30%. We can help you try to change one first, so that your company can see the power saving effect before making a decision. Enterprises can recover the cost of refitting the equipment with half a year of electricity-saving expenses. The plastic electromagnetic energy-saving system is guaranteed for life free of charge, and can provide equipment heating solution design engineers for door-to-door installation. Wanted to join agents nationwide, can train skilled workers. We can tailor-made high-efficiency heating power savers for your plastic extruder, and provide a full range of high-quality services such as transformation, installation, after-sales, etc., to realize your power-saving dream! The heating method is the traditional heating coil (ie resistance wire), and the heat is transferred to the barrel through contact conduction. Only the heat close to the inner surface of the barrel is transferred to the barrel, and most of the heat outside the heating ring is dissipated to the barrel. In the air, there is a large amount of heat loss, causing the workshop to be hot and stuffy. The electromagnetic heating system completely solves this problem. A layer of heat insulation is installed between the induction coil and the barrel. The heat inside the barrel is radiated into the air in a small amount. The temperature of the barrel surface is below 50 °C. After strict experiments According to the test, the power saving is 30%-80%, especially for high-power injection molding machines, the power saving effect is more obvious. Manufacturer of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment The intermediate frequency heating furnace adopts IGBT devices and global procurement of components, adopts combined resonance technology, adopts low-inductance circuit arrangement, adopts large-scale digital circuit, and adopts more mature protection technology. The three advantages of the intermediate frequency heating furnace: 1. Great power saving, every ton of steel is heated, the power consumption is 320 degrees. 20%-30% less power than thyristor intermediate frequency. 2. It will not bring pollution to the grid side, the power supply transformer will not heat up, the substation compensation capacitor will not heat up, and it will not interfere with the work of other equipment. 3. Reduce the capacity of the power supply transformer. Kehua strengthens the sense of competition and creates team spirit. Adopting a production-oriented business model, we have achieved outstanding achievements in the energy-saving equipment industry and created a commercial miracle in the same industry. This of course stems from the company's unremitting pursuit of product quality, and strives to provide high-quality and fast heating medium frequency induction. Heating equipment dedicated to the masses of customers. Medium frequency induction heating 50kw PC steel rod induction heating, high frequency quenching and tempering treatment one-button operation PC steel rod began industrial production in Japan in the late 1960s. The induction heating quenching and tempering process is used to produce medium carbon low alloy steel PC steel bars with a diameter of 7-17mm. The configuration of a typical production line in Japan is as follows: the quenching part adopts dual-frequency heating, and the power is 300kW, 1kHz and i50kW, 100kHz; the tempering part adopts lsokW, 10kHz power supply. The quenching and tempering process of this production line is as follows: quenching temperature is 950℃, cooling by using water agent to synthesize quenching liquid, tempering temperature is 400℃ water cooling, and steel bar processing speed is 30-50m.min-l. The above is the relevant content of the medium frequency induction heating 50kw introduced by Kehua for us. Kehua is a manufacturer of chemical equipment with excellent quality and low price. Kehua accepts various customizations.
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