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What are the advantages of sewage cooling towers? -[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-09-21
Sewage cooling tower, as the name suggests, is a cooling tower born to solve sewage treatment. Some industries will generate waste heat and carry some impurities in the production process. The ordinary cooling equipment can only cool the water, and the function of the sewage cooling equipment is to exchange the waste hot water with impurities with the air in the tower. The impurities, waste heat and water quality are separated, so that the water can be effectively recycled. This is the advantage of sewage cooling towers! Sewage cooling towers are mainly used in industrial production that produces wastewater, such as beer production, paper production, steel smelting, rubber processing, chemical production, pharmaceutical production, textile printing and dyeing, mineral processing, etc. The sewage cooling tower is not much different from the ordinary principle, just because its circulating water contains more impurities. Because the use of cooling tower fillers is the key technology of sewage cooling towers, ordinary PVC bonded combined heat dissipation materials can no longer be used on sewage towers, but should be replaced with strip-shaped wooden heat dissipation materials or semicircular PP heat dissipation materials. That is to say, the difference between the sewage cooling tower and the ordinary cooling tower is the packing material. The filler of the sewage cooling tower not only has good structural stability, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, but also the packing weight is much lighter than other grid-type fillers.
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