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What are the advantages of small brazing furnaces? How does it work? -Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-31
In today's society, the forging and smelting industry is becoming more and more important, and equipment such as brazing furnaces are becoming more and more common and important. So what are the advantages of small brazing furnaces? What is the working principle? This article will introduce you to the knowledge of small brazing furnaces in detail, come and see. Small brazing furnace Brazing furnace Brazing furnace is a kind of equipment for metal brazing and bright heat treatment. It is suitable for mass production of small and medium stainless steel parts (tableware, knives, hardware, etc.), such as bright quenching and tempering of martensitic stainless steel, and bright annealing of austenitic stainless steel. Advantages of small brazing furnace 1. Vacuum brazing, because no flux is needed, the corrosion resistance of the product is significantly improved, various pollution, pollution-free processing equipment costs, and good safety production conditions; 2. Vacuum brazing Soldering not only saves a lot of expensive metal flux, but also does not require complicated flux cleaning procedures, which reduces production costs; 3. Vacuum brazing solder has good wettability and fluidity, and can solder more complex and narrow channel devices , Vacuum brazing improves the yield of the product and obtains a firm and clean working surface; 4. Compared with other methods, the internal structure of the furnace and the fixture have a long service life, which can reduce the maintenance cost of the furnace; 5. Suitable for vacuum brazing There are many materials for welding, such as: aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, stainless steel, alloy steel, low carbon steel, titanium, nickel, Inconel, etc. can be brazed in a vacuum furnace. The application determines the desired material, with aluminum and aluminum alloys being the most widely used. The working principle of the brazing furnace The furnace uses a strong reducing gas as a protective atmosphere (such as ammonia decomposition gas), which is suitable for mass production of small and medium stainless steel parts (tableware, knives, hardware, etc.) such as martensitic stainless steel bright quenching and tempering, Austenitic stainless steel bright annealed. The working principle of the brazing furnace is as follows: (1) The protective atmosphere of the imported brazing furnace is mostly petroleum liquefied gas. And most of our country is still using ammonia decomposition gas. In fact, in western developed countries, there are basically two kinds of protective atmospheres: a petroleum liquefied gas; b nitrogen-based atmosphere. Among them, nitrogen-based atmosphere is the most promising. Now the energy crisis threatens not only our country, but also the whole world. We know that air contains 78% nitrogen, which is inexhaustible. At present, most of my country still use ammonia decomposition gas. There are two main reasons: First, the preparation of ammonia decomposition gas is simple; second, the domestic publicity of nitrogen-based atmosphere is not enough, and the majority of users do not know much about it, which affects the promotion. Small brazing furnace (2) Most domestic protective atmosphere generating devices are placed outside the furnace. The protective gas is generated outside the furnace and leads to the furnace for protection. However, most of the protective atmosphere generating devices of the brazing furnaces introduced in our country are placed in the furnace, which has many advantages, such as saving area, saving energy, simplifying operation and saving investment, etc. This method should be vigorously promoted. (3) Heating elements: When visiting and dissecting imported brazing furnaces, it was found that most of the heating elements are of two types, one is resistance wire, and the other is tubular heater. In my country, most of the SiC rods are used. The author of this article has been engaged in the research and development of brazing furnaces for many years, and is currently trying to make bold improvements to the heating element method to compare its advantages and disadvantages. (4) Furnace structure: Most of the brazing furnaces imported from abroad are made of oil heat-resistant and heat-insulating materials, which belong to the Maffei structure. In our country, almost no such furnaces use the Maffei structure made of heat-resistant steel. In addition, in the transmission structure, my country's research units should make great efforts. At present, both the mesh belt transmission and the boat board transmission have obvious shortcomings. According to the information, a ceramic mesh belt has been developed abroad. It does not change the transmission method and is still convenient for workers to operate; at the same time, it does not have the worries of thermal creep and crystal growth of the metal mesh belt. If this kind of mesh belt is successfully developed, it will greatly reduce the operating cost of the brazing furnace. The above is a detailed introduction to the knowledge of small brazing furnaces. Did reading it help you? Any thoughts on this? Here I recommend Kehua, Kehua is powerful and can meet your common needs.
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