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What are the application fields of bar diathermy furnace and what are the different technical characteristics? -Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-18
With the continuous development of my country's science and technology industry, more and more industries will use mechanized production, and the use of professional mechanization can save more human, material and financial resources. Then let's learn about the relevant information of bar diathermy furnace with Kehua Induction Heating Equipment Xiaobian. Bar diathermy furnace The bar diathermy furnace is also a round steel diathermy furnace, that is, an intermediate frequency forging heating furnace, which benefits China's machinery manufacturing. Application fields: Forging, extrusion, blanking, heating before drawing of steel, copper, aluminum, etc. and their alloy blanks. Complete set of equipment: digital high-power series/parallel thyristor intermediate frequency power supply, operation console (industrial touch screen or industrial computer + Siemens PLC), induction intermediate frequency electric furnace, capacitor cabinet, infrared thermometer and temperature closed-loop control system, cooling system, mechanical devices, etc. Bar diathermy furnace Performance indicators: Processing range, productivity, quality consistency, power consumption, power factor, equipment utilization, etc. are all up to the level. Technical Features • Carbon steel is heated to 1250℃, the temperature difference between the core and the surface is ≤50℃, and the ton consumption is 380kWH. •The furnace is not repaired or fired for 6 months, the furnace lining is quickly replaced, and the guide rail is not replaced for 12 months. • When heating starts, it can be started quickly at any temperature (cold state/hot state) and under any load (with billet/without billet in the induction furnace), and the startup success rate is 100%. And through the automatic temperature compensation technology, the temperature rises rapidly to avoid the loss of startup waste and improve the production efficiency. • At the end of heating, the last qualified billet in the furnace can be emptied from full load to no-load: when the last billet enters the induction furnace, the output power can be automatically adjusted under the condition of constant changes in the furnace load, so that the maximum The temperature of the rear billet is stable, and its constant temperature output is maintained, and the last qualified billet in the induction furnace is completely emptied while continuing to heat, avoiding the loss of waste during shutdown. Bar diathermy furnace Automatic adjustment of power: Stepless adjustment range of 10%-100%. The power and temperature of the fully automatic digital IGBT thyristor intermediate frequency power supply of Kono is extremely strong, and the precise and stable control of the heating temperature is realized through the automatic power and temperature control system. •Temperature closed-loop control system: The infrared thermometer measures the heating temperature of the billet at the outlet of the induction furnace, and monitors whether there is overheating or incomplete heating. After temperature monitoring, the signal will be fed back to the main machine of induction heating, the control system of the thyristor intermediate frequency power supply. The power supply will be automatically identified according to the set process requirements. When the billet temperature exceeds the target temperature range, the control system will The output power is automatically adjusted on the basis of the set value, and the power supply is corrected to control the blank temperature within the target range. It reduces the production of substandard products and ensures the consistency of product quality. Bar diathermy furnace In summary, Kehua Induction Heating Equipment Xiaobian introduces the relevant situation of bar diathermy furnace, and I hope it will be helpful to those who want to know this information. This machine also has a variety of skills and uses a variety of functions.
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