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What are the characteristics of high frequency induction heaters? What are the application areas? -Youzao heater

by:Kehua     2022-07-23
High frequency induction heater is a kind of induction heating equipment, which has the advantages of high heating efficiency and fast speed. What are the characteristics of high frequency induction heaters? What are the application areas? Maybe most of my friends don't know, so let Kehua answer it. 1. Product Features 1. The heating speed is fast, and the heating time of ordinary heat treatment (such as quenching and annealing) is generally not more than 10 seconds per piece, which solves the problem that the oxide layer is too thick due to the long heating time of the traditional heat treatment process. 2. The heating position can be freely controlled, and it will not generate too much heat for the position that does not need heating, which meets the heat treatment requirements of special workpieces (such as: gear, sprocket tooth surface quenching, bar partial treatment). 3. Energy saving, three-quarters of energy compared to the original high-frequency tube machine, gas stove, electric stove, etc. The operation is simple, and you can learn it immediately. There is no open flame, no high temperature, and high voltage during work (the working voltage of the induction coil is 36V), which has good safety. 4. Small in size and light in weight, it will not take up too much production space, and the working position can be moved at any time to facilitate production needs. High-frequency induction heater 2. Application fields 1. Hot forging: punching for standard parts, punching for kitchen utensils (knives, forks, spoons), punching for watch cases, punch for die thimble, metal wire drawing, etc. 2. Heat treatment: (1) Quenching: gears, cams, molds, auto and motorcycle accessories, gardening shears, knives, etc. (2) Annealing: stainless steel tank stretching, expanding, metal elbow, lamp or golf club head distance adjustment, furniture metal accessories molding, etc. (3) Tempering: softening of steel wires and cables, etc. 3. Welding: Welding process for turning tools, hard alloys, air conditioning accessories, bathroom hardware, radiators, heating pipes, etc. 4. Thermal fit: thermal fit of workpieces such as bearings, motor rotors, and radiators. 5. Smelting: smelting of precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, and aluminum. High-frequency induction heater 3. Product specifications Applicable industry specifications Models applicable to the industry 5KW portable thickness metal processing, small welding, bearing jacket annealing 15KW vertical, horizontal saw blade welding, tool brazing, small heat treatment 25KW vertical , Horizontal small parts heat treatment, tool welding, precious metal smelting, small standard hot upsetting 40KW split type, one machine double-head heat treatment, standard parts hot upsetting, tool welding 50KW common type, multi-functional standard parts hot upsetting, shafts, Auto parts, gear, sprocket quenching 60KW split standard parts hot heading, gear, sprocket quenching 80KW split standard parts hot heading, gear, sprocket quenching 100KW split standard parts hot heading, gear, sprocket quenching, large workpiece forging 120KW split standard parts hot upsetting, gear, sprocket quenching, large workpiece forging. The above is the introduction about the characteristics, application fields and applicable industries of high-frequency induction heaters brought by Kehua. I hope to provide you with some help! There are many advantages of high-frequency induction heaters, which provide us with a lot of convenience.
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