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What are the characteristics of high temperature circular cooling tower-【Lingyan Electromechanical】Industrial Cooling Tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-16
​ ​The circular counter-flow cooling tower is one of the types of high-temperature circular cooling towers. It adopts counter-flow gas heat exchange technology, and the filler is made of high-quality PVC water spray sheet to spread the water spray area; through the rotating water distribution method, Realize uniform water distribution and enhance cooling effect. Structural features (1) Tower body: reasonable profile, stable airflow, excellent material, bright colors, surface gel coat resin contains anti-ultraviolet agent, anti-aging, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance. The lower tower body can be equipped with overflow, sewage and automatic water supply pipes according to the order requirements. Water can be directly absorbed from here, eliminating the need for cooling pools.​ (2) Packing: PVC water spraying sheets are used, and convex ribs are added horizontally, and the water can be re-circulated. It has strong distribution ability, low resistance, good thermal performance, high temperature resistance of 70 degrees, low temperature of -50 degrees, and good flame retardancy.​ (3) Rotary water distributor and water distribution pipe: equipped with stainless steel ball bearings, flexible and reliable operation, low water head, uniform water distribution, water distribution pipe made of aluminum alloy or glass fiber reinforced plastic, and a water collecting plate installed on the pipe to overcome drift. water phenomenon.​ (4) Fan: low noise, high efficiency fan designed with special parameters for cooling equipment, aluminum alloy plate airfoil or glass fiber reinforced plastic blade, low noise and high efficiency. (5) Motor: The low-noise and energy-saving motor designed for the cooling tower has good sealing and waterproof performance, high temperature resistance, high efficiency and low noise.​ (6) Deceleration device: It adopts polyester fiber reinforced neoprene power belt transmission, which has high temperature resistance, high efficiency, does not stretch when exposed to water, overcomes the phenomenon of slippage, and has very little noise. ​(7) Sound-absorbing facilities: Ultra-low noise cooling towers are shielded with sound-absorbing materials outside the air inlet, and sound-absorbing grilles are installed on the upper and lower parts to achieve maximum noise reduction. A bell mouth shield with sound-absorbing material and a sound-absorbing grille are installed at the air outlet of the upper tower body to reduce the noise from the fan and motor. ​(8) Air inlet window: It is equipped with glass fiber reinforced plastic louvers to reduce floating water and small airflow resistance. It is especially suitable for units in northern regions and those who need to use cooling towers throughout the year. ​(9) Brackets: All steel brackets for fans, fillers, air inlet windows, tower bodies, etc. are fabricated, galvanized or painted for corrosion resistance. Fasteners are galvanized or stainless steel bolts. Standard cooling tower: wet bulb 27 degrees/28 degrees, dry bulb 31.5 degrees The temperature of the inlet and outlet water of the type cooling tower is relatively high, and some can reach 60 to 65 degrees in the inlet water and 35 degrees in the outlet water, and the temperature drop is large. Therefore, the high temperature circular cooling tower is suitable for the industrial water circulation cooling system with a water temperature drop of 8-20 degrees.​​
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