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What are the characteristics of intermediate frequency quenching and tempering equipment?

by:Kehua     2022-08-04
Quenching is an absolutely indispensable process in metal smelting, and there are many ways of quenching, the most commonly used are high-frequency quenching and intermediate-frequency quenching. Now Kehua will introduce to you what is intermediate frequency quenching and what are the characteristics of quenching and tempering intermediate frequency quenching equipment? The electromagnetic field induces an alternating current in the metal parts. Due to the skin effect, the current is mainly concentrated on the surface of the metal parts, so the surface temperature is the highest. Water spray cooling or other cooling is followed under the induction coil. It is concentrated on the surface, so the surface modification is obvious, but the internal modification is basically not, and it can have a very special heat treatment effect. Quenching and tempering intermediate frequency quenching What are the characteristics of the quenching and tempering intermediate frequency quenching equipment? The intermediate frequency induction quenching equipment is mainly composed of three parts: the intermediate frequency power supply, the quenching control equipment (including the inductor) and the quenching machine tool. The induction hardening method is a main surface hardening method in the modern machine manufacturing industry. It has a series of advantages such as good quality, fast speed, less oxidation, low cost, good labor conditions and easy realization of mechanization and automation. Kehua believes that the appropriate power and frequency (which can be power frequency, medium frequency and high frequency) should be determined according to the size of the workpiece and the depth of the hardened layer. The shape and size of the inductor mainly depends on the shape of the workpiece and the requirements of the quenching process. Quenching machine tools also vary according to the size, shape and quenching process requirements of the workpiece. For mass-produced parts, especially in automated production lines, special machine tools are often used. Generally, small and medium-sized factories use general-purpose quenching machine tools because of the large batches and small quantities of workpieces. Intermediate frequency quenching is the most commonly used quenching method in smelting enterprises. At this time, quenching and tempering intermediate frequency quenching equipment is used, which has the characteristics of fast speed, less oxidation and low cost.
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