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What are the characteristics of small copper melting furnaces? What are the advantages? -Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-31
Economic development is inseparable from those precise instruments, and the small copper melting furnace in the forging industry is one of the most important instruments. So do you know what are the characteristics of the small copper melting furnace? What are the advantages? This article will introduce you to the small copper melting furnace in detail, come and have a look. Small copper melting furnace copper melting furnace copper melting furnace, medium frequency electric furnace copper melting furnace, the power supply is 80~2500KW, the main purpose: the melting of copper metal materials, the melting capacity is 0.05T-5T, the efficiency is high, and it has electromagnetic stirring force to make the metal uniform Smelting, no need to add other stirring process. Features of small copper melting furnace 1. Energy saving - electromagnetic melting furnace energy consumption is more than 50% lower than that of general resistance furnace, and energy consumption is more than 60% lower than that of coal, diesel and natural gas furnaces; Much higher than the resistance furnace, it can meet the zinc consumption of the same die-casting machine to produce any large product, the furnace temperature is controlled accurately, and the production efficiency is high; 3. Environmental protection - no dust, no oil fume, no noise in the whole production process, work The ambient temperature drops significantly; 4. Safety—thermoelectric separation, safe for operators and equipment, an alarm device is provided for crucible rupture, and it can be outsourced for repair welding and reuse if appropriate leakage; 5. Less zinc slag—heating compared to all other methods, The composition of zinc water and the heating temperature are uniform, which improves the quality of die castings, the loss of zinc water is small, the burning loss is less than 1%, the zinc slag is reduced by about 1/3 year-on-year, and there is no pulverization, no aggregation and bottom scaling; 6. Thermal insulation function—stainless steel The crucible has a multi-structured tough protective cover on the outside of the crucible, which has a good thermal insulation effect, and only needs about 2 kWh of electricity per hour for thermal insulation; 7. Cost saving - no need to increase fuel, reduce the accumulation of fuel space, and do not need to lay smoke exhaust pipes, which greatly saves labor costs and Plant cost; 8. Long service life - under normal use conditions, the service life is more than 5 years. Small copper melting furnace Advantages of small copper melting furnace 1. It should have excellent physical and chemical stability, and it is not easy to chemically react with molten metal. 2. No sticky slag (or less sticky slag), easy to clean and keep the furnace lining intact. 3. It has high strength. When the metal is melted in the coreless furnace, a strong stirring force is generated, and the molten liquid has a strong erosion on the furnace lining. Therefore, only the material with dense and high strength can resist erosion and run for a long time. 4. It has good thermal shock stability to meet the hot and cold changes caused by the continuous pouring of the melt in the furnace body. The above is a detailed introduction to the small copper melting furnace. Are you interested in small copper melting furnaces after reading it? Here I recommend Kehua, Kehua is a good choice for its high quality and low price.
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