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What are the characteristics of square cooling towers in daily applications

by:Kehua     2022-09-23
Because the square cooling equipment has its own unique advantages in the process of practical application, it has attracted the attention of users. So, what advantages does the square cooling tower of the cooling tower manufacturer have in the application? 1. The structure of the square cooling tower is that the cooling medium adopts a fully enclosed circulation, which can prevent the sundries from entering the cooling pipeline system and the evaporation loss of the cooling medium in the application. It should be noted that if soft water is used as the The cooling medium will not scale or block the pipeline in use, and there are very few faults. 2. In the process of practical application, the square cooling tower adopts automatic intelligent control, so it can automatically change the cooling mode according to the requirements of the working conditions. The operation is not only simple, but also very reliable.​
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