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What are the characteristics of super audio induction heating power supply and where can it be applied?

by:Kehua     2022-07-17
When smelting metal, quenching is an indispensable process. At this time, an ultra-audio induction heating power supply is needed, but everyone knows less about this type of equipment. So, what are the characteristics of the super audio frequency induction heating power supply and where can it be applied? What are the characteristics of the super audio frequency induction heating power supply , low maintenance cost. 2. 100% load continuation rate, under maximum power, 24 hours of operation. 3. With constant current/constant power control, the heating efficiency is higher. 4. Full display of output power, frequency and current. 5. The installation is simple, only need to connect electricity and water to use, no need to install by special person. 6. The automatic control type can adjust the power and time of the heating and heat preservation process. Kehua Induction Heating Equipment believes that it is beneficial to improve the repeatability of heating quality and simplify the operation of workers. 1. Welding of diamond saw blades, welding of diamond composite tools; 2. Welding of coal mining picks; Welding; 4. Welding of various turning tools; 5. Heat treatment of hammers and axes; 6. Metal powder remelting; 7. Quenching of shafts with a diameter of 50 or less, heat treatment of gears within a diameter of 100; 8. Thermal deformation of smaller bolts ; 9. Local heat treatment of automobile and motorcycle parts, shafts and sprockets; 10. Quenching treatment of various hand tools (hammers, axes, pipe wrenches, bolt cutters); 11. Thermal deformation of various automotive tools ( Such as socket wrench); 12. Local heat treatment of various mechanical parts. The biggest feature of the super audio induction heating power supply is that the reliability is very high, and the cost of operation and maintenance is very low. According to Kehua Induction Heating Equipment, this kind of equipment has been widely used in various smelting enterprises.
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