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What are the characteristics of the annealing machine? What are the benefits of annealing?

by:Kehua     2022-07-25
With the rapid development of today's society, many industries have high requirements for temperature. At this time, it is necessary to use a variety of equipment, and the annealing machine is a very important one. So what are the characteristics of the annealing machine? What are the benefits of annealing? This article will introduce you in detail. Annealer Annealer An annealer is a process used in semiconductor device fabrication that involves heating multiple semiconductor wafers to affect their electrical properties. Heat treatments are designed for different effects. The wafer can be heated to activate dopants, convert thin films to thin films or convert thin films to wafer substrate interfaces, densify deposited thin films, change the state of growing thin films, repair implanted damage, move dopants or transfer dopants The agent is transferred from one film to another or from the film into the wafer substrate. Annealers can be integrated into other furnace processing steps, such as oxidation, or can be processed themselves. An annealer is done with equipment specially designed for heating semiconductor wafers. The annealing furnace is an energy-saving periodic operation furnace with a super energy-saving structure and a fiber structure, which saves 60% of electricity. The benefits of annealing Annealing is a metal heat treatment process, which refers to slowly heating the metal to a certain temperature, holding it for a sufficient time, and then cooling it at a suitable rate. The purpose is to reduce hardness, improve machinability; eliminate residual stress, stabilize size, reduce deformation and crack tendency; refine grains, adjust organization, and eliminate organizational defects. The main features of the annealing machine equipment 1: The heating temperature is high, which can melt any metal and can reach any temperature. 2: The heating speed is fast and the oxide layer is very small. 3: High efficiency and energy saving, high energy conversion rate, power consumption is 1/5 of the old electronic tube, almost no power consumption in standby state, and can work continuously for 24 hours 4: Automatic control, can adjust the power and time of heating and heat preservation process, It is beneficial to improve the repeatability of heating and simplify the operation technology of workers. 5: It is especially safe, the output voltage is lower than 36v, avoiding the danger of high-voltage electric shock, replacing the heating of dangerous gases such as gas and gas, and producing by nameless fire, which is more in line with the national safety, environmental protection and health regulations. Annealing machine 6: Small footprint, simple operation, no special training, can be learned in a few minutes. 7: The installation is simple, only need to connect electricity and water, the induction coil can be freely disassembled and replaced, and the replacement is convenient. 8: The machine has an automatic protection function. If any of the parameters such as water shortage, undervoltage, overcurrent, lack of etc. fails to meet the requirements, the machine will automatically shut down and no longer work, which has higher reliability. The above is the detailed introduction of the annealing machine. Do you know about the annealing machine? Are you interested? If so, I recommend Kehua here. Kehua is a good choice because of its powerful strength, high quality and low price.
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