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What are the characteristics of the intermediate frequency melting furnace? How does it work? -Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-08-05
We all know that melting furnaces are very important for many industrial industries. Do you know what are the characteristics of intermediate frequency melting furnaces? How do intermediate frequency melting furnaces operate? What is the difference between intermediate frequency melting furnaces and high frequency melting furnaces? This article will introduce you to melting furnaces in detail . Intermediate frequency melting furnace Intermediate frequency furnace is a power supply device that converts power frequency 50HZ alternating current into intermediate frequency (300HZ and above to 1000HZ), converts three-phase power frequency alternating current into direct current after rectification, and then converts direct current into adjustable intermediate frequency current, The intermediate frequency alternating current flowing through the capacitor and the induction coil is supplied, high-density magnetic lines of force are generated in the induction coil, and the metal material contained in the induction coil is cut, resulting in a large eddy current in the metal material. What is the difference between high frequency melting furnace and medium frequency melting furnace? High frequency melting furnace is suitable for melting gold, silver, copper, etc. and their alloys. , rapidly melting a variety of polygeneric. The intermediate frequency melting furnace is suitable for melting platinum, palladium and gold. Temperatures up to 2600°C. It not only changes the phenomenon of strong noise and production danger when the existing artificial oxygen melts gold, the metal liquid splashes more, and the loss is large, but also the intermediate frequency is harmless to the human body, the operation is safer and faster, and the production efficiency is effectively improved. The characteristics of the intermediate frequency melting furnace are: 1. The maximum temperature can reach 2600 degrees, and the fastest 2-minute furnace can melt platinum, palladium, gold, k gold; It is more practical and flexible; 3. When the machine changes the existing artificial oxygen melting gold, it produces strong noise and production danger, and the metal liquid splashes more and the loss is large; 4. The IGBT frequency conversion stepless adjustment can be continuously adjusted. 24-hour load work; 5. 380v three-phase national standard 5-wire power cord; 6. High-stable heating system and reliable all-round self-checking protection function, the whole device is more durable. The operation of the intermediate frequency melting furnace 1. Before starting the furnace, the operator of the intermediate frequency unit should be notified to start the unit, and at the same time, check whether the furnace body, cooling water system, intermediate frequency power switch, furnace tilting machine and running track of the hoisting bag are normal, and whether the trench cover is damaged. , cover. If there is a problem, it should be eliminated first before the furnace can be opened. Intermediate frequency melting furnace 2. After the intermediate frequency unit is started, the furnace can be powered on. 3. When opening the furnace, the charge should be put into the furnace first, and the cooling water should be opened before closing the intermediate frequency power switch. When the furnace is stopped, the intermediate frequency unit can be notified to stop after the intermediate frequency power supply is disconnected. Cooling water should continue for 15 minutes. 4. The charge shall not be mixed with airtight containers, pipes or other explosives. The charge must be dry and free of water or ice or snow. When charging the charge, it is not allowed to hit with a hammer, and it should be lightly placed and tapped to avoid damage to the furnace. When the burning loss of the furnace exceeds the specified limit, the furnace should be stopped for repair. 5. The tool should be placed in the designated place, and it should be baked and dried before use. 6. When smelting alloy steel and adding alloy materials, it should be clamped with pliers after preheating, slowly and in batches, and the operator's face should avoid the furnace mouth when adding. The above is a detailed introduction to the intermediate frequency melting furnace. Do you know about the intermediate frequency melting furnace? Here I recommend Kehua, which is a good choice for its excellent quality and affordable price.
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