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What are the damages to the cooling tower caused by poor water quality? -[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-09-21
The difference between water quality on open cooling towers and closed cooling towers: In open cooling towers, the impact of water quality is much more serious than in closed cooling towers. Because the cycle of the open cooling tower is relatively simple, the spray water is circulated to the spray through the water pump and pipeline, and then returned to the pool. During this process, the spray water has already pervaded every process, and When used in some industries, a heat exchanger is also required, so the poor water quality will also affect the inner wall of the heat exchanger. In the closed cooling tower, the inner circulation and the outer circulation are separated, and only the outer circulation uses the spray water, and only passes through the outer wall of the condenser. The specific impact of water quality on the cooling tower: 1. Scale, whether it is an open cooling tower or a closed cooling tower, scale will definitely occur. The scale of the open cooling tower is mainly concentrated on the filler, and the scale of the closed cooling tower is mainly concentrated. On the outer wall of the condenser, part is also attached to the inner wall of the cooling equipment. Scale is a pH with good alkalinity, and it must be oil-corrosive to the corrosion tower wall, condenser and packing of the cooling tower. 2. Damage to the packing: The scale produced is generally attached to the surface of the packing, but the packing is a good layer of plastic, and the weight of the scale is relatively large, which will cause the packing to be torn and damaged for a long time, affecting normal use. It needs to be replaced when necessary; 3. Heat dissipation, the scale attached to the filler and the surface of the condenser will affect the heat dissipation effect and ventilation effect. The circulating air mainly flows through the gap of the filler and the gap of the condenser for heat exchange. The scale will occupy a part of the space, and the ventilation volume will be reduced. In addition, the scale will affect the heat dissipation effect of the filler and the condenser; 4. Sprinkler head, The main function of the sprinkler head is to atomize the spray water and spray evenly. Oil impurities will definitely block the sprinkler head, resulting in uneven spraying in the space, resulting in some dry spots, or part of the filler is dry. High heat can cause cooling towers to catch fire. 5. Water pump, the water pump is the main power system for spraying water. If there is sludge, it is generally sucked into the water pump, which will cause the water pump to be blocked. The filter screen causes problems such as insufficient circulating water volume of the pump, heat generation, and weak power. Therefore, poor water quality has a great impact on the cooling tower, mainly affecting the service life of the cooling tower. Therefore, especially in the rainy season, circulating water should be discharged regularly.
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